MK Fire selector rocker

Hi gearbox gurus,

I’m currently building an MK Gen9 version gearbox.

I’m having an issue with the fire selector switch not being able to move far enough forward ( It looks like the fire select rocker nub is protruding too far out of the gearbox.)

I’m speaking specificly about the little nub that holds the other end of the tiny fire select spring. (see yellow arrow pointing to the nub in the image below)

when I compare with a standard gen 9 gearbox the nub sits inside the gearbox.

What have you guys done to rectify this?

Let me check in on mine tomorrow. Needs a teardown.

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Awesome thanks @BigWeetBix

i slept on this…

my box doesn’t have the same characteristic so i’m wondering if your cutoff lever is seating properly against the inside of the box?

Yeah ithats what Im thinking, could it be too flush against the case?

Mine looks like this (but nylon)…does it need to be shimmed up?


This would fix it :wink:


Perun tart



Can only be too flush if it doesn’t move

Lol Its the best piece of blaster tech I ever bought, and it does away with the shitty cutoff lever