MK Gen 9 tappet plate tightness


Thanks to the support of this community I have finally got my MK gen 9 gearbox together. I have one final hurdel, the tappet plate feels tight and restricted.

I’m using a standard nylon plate as shown.

Do I need to shave down the tappet plate due to the tight tolerances of the MK box? If not, im not sure what else could solve the problem.

Cheers again to all you gearbox gurus…hope to be blasting with you on the field with my new MK soon!

I have one of the black nylon gen 9 tappet plates in my MK92 and it didnt need any modification.

I had to shave down the sides of a wells tappet plate when i used it in a retro arms v2 gearbox.


While not tappet plate related I found with the mk box I needed to file the fire select plate a bit so it moved nicely. The annoying thing with that is you have to remove it to do it.

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Great job @Muzza. I think I did shave the Wells down. Didn’t shave aa shs v2 though.


Thanks everyone, I appreciate you sharing your experience and knowledge with me. It has helped more than I can say.