MK Hybrid 92 gearbox

What are the best internals i have been given ao much different info.
I have shs bushings, shs 18:1 gears and a RPM 1 piece cylinder (which i have been told wont work)
Thanks for feedback

Hey @Ben_Hartman your shs cylinder just needs to be shaved down a tad. I think it’s close to .2mm or .4mm. Correct me if I’m wrong @MKTacticalHobbies.

I believe there will be no need to shave the cylinder as J9 cylinders are usually longer. though I am not sure how the head will play with J9 tappet. Worth giving it a go though. One piece cylinder is a v2 (AS) territory so unless you are really seasoned modder I would suggest going with a standard j9 setup…Because contrary to popular belief none of the gel ball V2’s are really v2’s.

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Ah… I totally didn’t think of that! Save yourself some headaches and avoid the V2 nozzles. What is it going in @Ben_Hartman?

Also I herd from @Bruisemaster who knows his shit doesn’t recommend the all in one piece cylinder/cylinder head. I think it doesn’t have any give so on weaker metal boxes like the APS will take it’s toll.
The Gen9 cylinder heads and cylinders which will fit into the H92 have such good seals these days with double o rings every where so those V2 one piece cylinder units aren’t the beez kneez that everyone thinks they may be.

Also if you have a H92 why are you fucking around with 6 mm nozzles? Just use the Gen9 8mm nozzle which fit the gen 9 head and cylinder?

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When i bought it off someones recomendation i didnt realis it was a 6mm nozzle. I have since bought all gen 9 stuff. Thabks for all your replys.

@BigWeetBix i am waiting for hawkex tactical to have the alloy receivers back in stock. Unless someone can point me in a different direction to build a full metal blaster

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