MK Hybrid 92 questions

I have a 1.3mm spring and all metal and stainless parts in my ACR.
I get the feeling my case won’t take the abuse for too much longer. I really want to buy the MK P92 but want some more information before I shell (pun) $245 for this case.
Is there a particular 8mm bearing brand/type I need to fit properly?
Do my gen 9 parts transfer directly into the case and if not what needs to be adjusted?

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Good question @spectre720. I was fortunate to be one of the builders with the prototype H92, I documented the build on my ACR and I’ll get around to finishing off that post today hopefully. In the meantime, I can answer your questions with first hand experience. My goal was to build using spares and parts in my toolbox.

8mm bearings… I used ones from an APS box. If I had more time to source I would have used retro arms low profile or shs bushings. I used SHS 8mm bushings in my MK V2 build and spent a couple of hours sanding them all down for that perfect fit.

All the internals from a built Gen 9 can be used in the H92. I had a Lonex gears and anti-reverse, MST cylinder, SLong Piston and head. I used the APS trigger block and trigger (so that’s a V2) because of its silver wiring loom. I know @Hiroshima_screamer fitted the stock Gen 9 Trigger and latter changed to V2 also.

I also discovered that using the Gen 9 Selector plates were hit an miss, they didn’t slide freely. Obviously a quality control issue (as are most JingMing parts). Nothing a few wipes of some 200 wet n dry sandpaper couldn’t fix.

The objective of the H92 is to be a “drop-in” solution, but I could not honestly put some of the JM crap into a box as good as the H92.

Oh, one other mod I made to the Mag terminal I made which i thought made for a sexy mod was to dremel into the mount a bit and route the wires inside where it was already hollow. Feedback MK has taken onboard and I’m sure it will hit production in the coming weeks.


Thank you for taking the time to construct a detailed post.
I totally agree with using the shit JM parts for such a lovely case. I don’t however see an alternative to the selector plate, unless someone has made one from metal (PM if you have and want to sell one). Would prefer no plastic parts internally with the tappet plate being the exception (for now).
The mag terminal solution is awesome, I will be doing the same.
Regarding the wiring< I have decided to totally rewire using 14 AWG high quality speaker wire with a perun v2 mosfet. shout out to @Arty_Marty for his post on wiring.
If it’s going to be $250 on the case may as well make the engine match the body, so entire build will be SHS parts.
I will end with another question…what do I put this in??? Will post again with the million dollan question:?


Honestly you will not be disappointed in purchasing one of the Hybrid 92 gearboxes.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with it, I’m prepared to buy it off you at 1/4 the price you paid​:joy::joy::ok_hand:t4:.

As Weetbix said, I fitted almost all the gen 9 parts from my sons blaster first.
I used bearings also to start but moved onto retro arms low profile as I built high stress builds.

Pretty much I built the gearbox with

I found the wells selector plate worked best, o any V2 should do.


I’m in love. 1/4 to price, you are a funny guy

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Ahhhh a fellow Cheapass rofl

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@Hiroshima_screamer isn’t a cheap ass, obsessed definitely, but cheap, no.

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No, cheap ass of you to guarantee to pay 1/4 of what he pays rofl

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Just watched your video, man that’s one crazy gearbox :laughing:
You wouldn’t think the mag could keep up with it.

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Yeah bud, I’m going to put a bigger spring in and hopefully slow it down a little.
Should be ok with the right mag tweaked a little.

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Hey mate what brand DSG gears did you end up using which fit in the H92 sweet? Also what mods to the sector gear and ladder plunger did you need to do?

Ummm I used Fighting Bro…
They’re shite to be honest, the bevel gear fell apart marking up my sweet gearbox :disappointed:.

But…I wasn’t prepared to spend $200 on Siegetek gears until I master the art of DSG lol.

Anyways I used a SHS bevel instead.

So I’ve swiss cheesed the piston, used a nylon piston head, shaved down all the teeth on the ladder to suit the DSG sector.
I don’t use spring bearings on the piston to keep weight minimal, I’ve read as long as you have them on the spring retainer it’s fine.

To be honest DSG sounds cool but it can be a real pain in the arse to get right.

Blooper vid🤐


Oh also this may help

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Thanks mate for that very informative answer. That sure is some serious dentistry on your ladder gear and a heck of a lot of weight loss which I was never good at :rofl:
I can see that being very high maintenance.
I think you @Hiroshima_screamer and @Rattler have cured me of my need for speed.
I think I will back it down to 13:1 gears.
Cheers bud

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So what are the best bearings / bushings to use with this gearbox?

I saw in Screamer’s link to seigetek, they don’t recommend bearings of any description… only hardened bushes?

Bearings must be too easy to fail?:thinking:

Bearings always = fail

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OOoohhh errr… Mr bearing went :poop::astonished: Do they fail slowly or just fly to bits all in one go?

Which is the first bearing to ‘go’ usually Screamer? My guess would be the sector gear bearing because it is quite unbalanced and as well as the turning it does, the sector ‘bump’ is also smacking the plunger end tooth once (or twice) per cycle…

Are the double sector gears more balanced or less balanced than the single sector? Probably FEELS more balanced but is doing all of that extra slamming? (so, ultimately more load) :thinking:

Do you have a link for the best bushing then? I saw you mention retro arms low profile, but the postage cost is more than the bushing if I buy from them

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