MK mag wiring layout

G’day everyone,

I’m needing to pick the collective brain once again.

How are you guys running the wiring to your mag terminals? I assume the wiring has to peek out through a gap and is connected externally…how did you do yours?

Where did you buy that black terminal thing from? I’m soon to build a v3 box and not sure how to connect the magazine to the box.

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They come with your MK box.
I fed the wiring out the front of the trigger area.




I ran mine like this, purely because I ran 16awg wire and there was not much room left inside the gearbox

But normally as @BigWeetBix mentioned, it pokes out of the gap just infront of the trigger.


Oh that’s handy. Fyi the RetroArms v3 box doesn’t come with mag terminals as I discovered

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plus it’s another $88 for motor cage

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I happened to get both items on sale pretty cheap recently, maybe $150 for the box and $30odd for the cage? Can’t remember the exact numbers

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