Mk Tactical Hobbies's CNC V2 box. Is this the first Aussie built GB box?

I’ve had my eye on these guys for a while and just waiting for the post that said ‘Now taking orders’!


Actually that’s bloody cheap for a billet 6061t6 cnc machined box

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I know right!

I’ve got my golden ticket, keen for the delivery notice now.

Put me down for one please. I still don’t see any mag connections though if this was specifically built for gel blasters.

The listing says this
" * fully integrated non-conductive mag connector plate"

Sounds like white man magic to me
Hopefully that will work, just concerned about receivers and mags compatible.
Maybe they have a whole new line of compatible products, which would be great.

Bought mine for the $99 special they had going on got in as soon as i seen them post it up but $169 still pretty good price for them

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Welcome @MKTacticalHobbies to GBF!

Thank You :slight_smile:


@MKTacticalHobbies great to see some local innovation :smile:

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that looks gorges, very nice.

when I see a working gen 9 build in a ACR Masada I’m in. They look lovely.

There $220 a piece…

Looks great and see you have radiused the box properly. My only complaint is that if this a dedicated Gel Blaster gearbox, how come their is not built in mag connections?

I guess because some of us are wells

It’s only a small program change in a CAD.

But locks their market and the product to a particular mag type

I’ve got 2x. One with the wells terminals and one with the Gen 9. I’ll snap a pic for you of them fitted.


I really have to update those photos :open_mouth:
Aluminium is conductive so mag connectors can’t exactly be built in, however, they are integrated :slight_smile:

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i am considering putting one in my wells :slight_smile: