MK V2 Box - Help sourcing screws

Hey gents, need some help with sizing some screws for the MK V2 Box.
I purchased the box second hand and need to source some screws that attach the selector latch and switch block to the gearbox as the standard screws are too small.
Any help would be appreciated!

You can buy boxes of screws on ebay… in the little cases. I just got a few sets of 2mm, 3mm with different heads and things… or you can buy screw kits like these for Gen8.910

As I always say, a man can never get enough screws…

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i think they are a m2.5

i recall ferreting about in my bits bucket for some.

either way, Calcifer’s suggestion of fleaBay and a random micro kit is a good one.

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Those two holes are m2.5 fine thread.
Caught me out also. Luckily I had an assortment of screws and other pieces I kept when I got rid of an old laptop. I completely stripped it and kept all the screws. Knew they would come in handy one day :grin:


Thanks for all the help gents! All I need to finish this build!!

I have been pulling some from the back of the t.v in the bedroom. ( shh, don’t tell the missus )


Contact @MKTacticalHobbies and he’ll let you know what the are.

M2.5x4mm but x3mm will do as well