MK v2 build finally done

So after studying a million threads and everyone’s experiences with building, about a month ago I finally started down the path of building a gearbox up from scratch.
Have loved hearing the sound of high ROF around the field and wanted my own.
Decided on an MK v2 to put in an SLR cqb.
After a few trial an errors I finally got it to where I wanted it to be.
Now I’m not gonna knock anyone or any stores but I will say that information varies from store to store and the ones I thought would have had good info and sell me the right gear was not what worked so well!
So for anyone going down the hole I suggest doing plenty of homework and then learn for yourself.


Nice worko👍🏽


Thanks, I’m wrapped with it, and enjoyed doing it.
Will probably look at the hybrid box next for the acr.


Awesome job. You’ll find the ACR is cake now.

Mind putting up your shopping list?

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Cheers mate, yeah I heard the hybrid should be all Gen 9 gear? Pretty keen to get that done.
As for the v2-
orange tappet plate
Hardened return spring with 2 coils cut off
Fighting bro double oring cylinder head & nozzle
M150 motor
13:1 SHS gears and retro arm slimline bushes
Wells 70/80 % ported cylinder
SHS piston and POM piston head
Wells springs retainer( lockbtabs ground slimmer to fit past the piston guides when inserting)
War interest t piece
Ausgel 1.38 spring
7.5 mm I’d barrel 220mm long- Will be ordering a ss 7.3 eventually from John at chgbbs
Perun optical mosfet
A bit disappointed the gearbox doesn’t come with mag terminal contacts!
Fit a sweethearts number 2 hop up
Went thru a few trial and error parts before it was right.
I think that’s it???


Hell Yeah man, that thing is an animal. Did you have to take any teeth off the ladder for the 13:1s or is the Ausgel spring quick enough to return the piston home before the sector hits it?

Hey late af reply, but no, no short stroke no teeth off the piston, but I have now added a sorbo pad to the cylinder head to better the aoe and put an m110 spring in it. Now getting 28 rps at 350-360 fps. This thing is sweet.

Mother of God! That’s awesome bro! Which fields do you play on? Just need to know so I don’t turn up at the same time as you :rofl:
But thanks for answering mate, appreciated…

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Haha, all good. I pretty much only play at guerilla. Love that place. Great field and even better people!!

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What parts did you have to can and change over and why? @Daveb

Nice work, nice platform, nice mods.

My back up second build at the moment is a SLR CQB which has at present the stock stock.

Which Buffer Tube did you use to mount your CTR Stock and did you require an Adapter. I am about to do this conversion. Could you please give me a heads up.

Nicely done Daveb and don’t they just sit, feel, point and handle so well, beautiful

I broke a piston head, and several ladders. The first gearbox was faulty and hammered the cylinder head! Was sold the wrong TPiece
Then cut 2 coils of tappet return spring to get that right! Wasn’t a huge deal but took time and a bit of nutting out! But was fun as.

So nothing to serious then sounds bloody epic though! Good shit!

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Thank you, I agree they feel great to use, and I’ve been able to get the red dot very close to accurate at 15 mtrs, so can adjust my aim from 10 to 20 mtrs to tag my targets nicely. I’m now about to do it again for my daughters boyfriend and can’t wait.

It has an x power buffer tube with no adaptor.
Damn I wish I had a money tree!