MK V2.. First impressions

On the bench tonight… the MK Tactical V2

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If you reckon the V2 is not great for gel blasters, what’s your preference with what’s available to us?

The gen8 or J9 gearboxes are really the only good gearboxes for gel blasters. I know I’m going to hurt a lot of feelings by saying it. But it is what it is.

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And they are cheap as chips… with all the parts you could ever need cheap and available as well…

So, really, just hot them up a little then let them go until they blow… then stick another one into the blaster. Most of the things like metal gears and bearings can go into replacement nylon cases for about $16 bux :+1:

J9 gearbox this the worst gearbox I’ve ever worked on. Everything about it is cheap and nasty.
I’d rather put in the extra work on something decent than this sad sad gearbox​:joy::joy::joy:

Even the motor tower is rubbish, so much play.
I had to fit a bearing in, not even a plastic bushing fitted factory.

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Yes they are all rubish out of the box.
Thats why we modify them.


Hear you @Hiroshima_screamer, it’s been hard to go back to working on a nylon box after the MK builds.

It’s like going from a Lamborghini to a Hyundai excel.
If this gen 9 wasn’t for my son I’d seriously toss the damn thing.
Whom ever designed the bushing/bearing setup needs a kick in the :peanuts::joy:.
My mind boggles at some of the things they’ve done to this box lol, rant over :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thats a shame you don’t like them Hiroshima… I am very happy with my Gen 8/9 and j10 boxes… I have spare nylon cases and lots of spares, but haven’t needed any spares yet.

I only use 1.3mm springs mind you… probably if I tried to use a 1.5mm or something, they may break stuff…

I like paying $32 for a complete stock nylon box (with wires even) it suits my short arms and long pockets :woozy_face:

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I put in 16:1 metal gears and fook me shimming was a nightmare.
I had to shave down most of the bushings and little plastic lips. I still can’t shim the bevel to pinion to my liking, just doesn’t sound right. I noticed that the shs pinion gear is ever so slightly bigger than the ones that I’ve had on asg and zci motors.
I need to try a different pinion head and hopefully it’ll be the tiny bit of clearance I need🧐

can you send link for $32 nylon box gen 9 please. here mate. AU stock ready to go

Dang, they have gone up to $38 bux :nauseated_face:

The Gen 8’s are up to $35

I wait for discounts like 10% or 20% off and my ‘buy now trigger finger’ jumps into overdrive…

At the moment there are a few codes… PAPA20 PICKLES PATPAT

I am also in ‘ebay plus’, so always free postage, free returns (they send you a .pdf Label) for you to post it back free :+1: