Mk v2 gearbox, LDT HK 416, build. What t piece and or adapter did you use?

Hi everyone,

I’m about to start mk v2 build and put it in my LDT HK416.
I would like to know what t piece and or adapters that would be best to use. And what if any modifications might be needed.
Anyone who is put this gearbox in the LDT HK416, if you could help me out with some info would be great.

Stock T-Piece wont work, Fighting Bro T-Piece can work but you need to grind out some space from the magwell of the receiver. It’s worth noting that Cylinder head/Tappet/Nozzle/T-Piece all need to suit each other for things to go smoothly.

Early MKTH V2s can’t fit a Gen9 T-Piece as standard, but the more recent ones can, though no idea if that would work in a LDT416

I have an early version MKTH V2 and I’m in the process of creating a T-Piece with autocad that should fit a Gen9 Cylinder head and nozzle and the stock receiver without any alterations, but I still need to finish it off and get it 3d printed.

Thanks for the quick reply,
I did read the post where you are asking for measurements so you could 3D print a t piece. I’d be very interested in that myself because I have a 3D printer as well.
I don’t have the gearbox yet so I can’t do anything right now.
But I thought I would get on the forums and pick peoples brains to get a head start on what I might need and need to do.
So the more information I can get the better.

I really need to get myself a set of calipers so I can take accurate measurements from the 416 T-Piece, once I have those it’s should be pretty easy to finish things off and I’ll put the file up on the forums for anyone who needs it.

It’s worth noting that it may not be suitable for many types of 3D printing though

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Need any more pics of measurements just let me know.
PS my calipers are only cheap one so they may not be the Most accurate measurements

Wow you’re a legend mate.

Only thing left I need is the overall length, the distance between the back edge and the rear face of the mag feed and the overall length of the mag feed tube from the top face including the other piece.

That moment when you realise you did half the job and then have to finish it lol


Just the ones in red and then you’re finished =P

Sorry That measurement was bad it’s 3.5
NOT 3.13

It’s interesting because it’s so much more shallow than the Gen 9, this could cause a problem with feeding with a gen 9 nozzle

Ok that should be everything, ty, now I just need to figure out how to move the feed tube forward 3mm while still connecting to the mag

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One last one just in case you need it
Again if you need anything else just let me know.

Will do, I’m in the process of knocking up a prototype right now so will post shortly for feedback.

Actually could you take a quick measurement of the internal diameter of the end of the MK box? Where the nozzle comes out

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Two different versions, OLD is to suit the original MKTH V2s that were sold (that can’t fit a gen 9 T-Piece), NEW is for all MKTH V2s sold recently that are capable of using a Gen9 T-Piece.

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