MK V3 - planned for future?

With some of the newer blasters running V3 boxes, anyone heard of the MK people doing a V3 style box?

I thought the V3 like the HK V3 were just upgraded versions of the gearbox, but still being a V2 based box.

V3 and HKv3 are completely different boxes.
V3 is the AK style gearboxes and HKv3 is a version3 of the HK v2 box :exploding_head:

Makes sense, don’t see AK’s around my part so didn’t know they were so different :slight_smile:

Would be great to see a local CNC V.3

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I guess there’d have to be quite a large demand for them at the moment I wouldn’t think there is. I’ve seen first hand all the work Max put in on the H92 gearbox and there’s so many man hours involved on his side it may not be worth his while.


Seeing there’s no mk V3 coming anytime soon, what would be the next option for people? The alphaking box or is there others?

Retroarms v3 cnc but you need to buy both parts and not cheap

Yeah $200+ for something retro fitted to take terminal contacts is a bit steep when the CYMA asoft box is like $40 for similar just not CNC.

Was hoping the all boxes have a good wrap…

I’m seeing mad max this week and will see where it sits on the roadmap. I’ve seen the design first hand so I know that it’s at the tail end of development stage. I also know that there is another major box version being produced before the V3 is though. It’s a game changer too.


Cnc Gen 8 ??? @BigWeetBix

Something in the Phase Plasma range? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Most common on the list -
V2 = done!

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