Mk47 receiver kit and spare magazines for sale

Hey guys we now have MK47 Receiver kits and spare magazines available.

The MK47 kit includes:

  • Mk47 nylon receiver
  • Mk47 magazine
  • Charging handle
  • Fire selector
  • Ejector cover


Spare magazines are available for $30


Pay week next week and I’m there. Cheers for getting these in. I’ve already got most of the bits I need to put it together.

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I also have the proper nylon stocks with the rubber butt too for the mutant build.

Same stocks as what is on this picture

Definitely gonna be getting 2 mags next week!

Mine will be in the mail shortly?


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Yeh guys I’m super excited for you all!!

Yeh mate express like you ask mate

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What t piece do you need for this build

What gearbox you using?

I have some WARINTEREST gearboxes coming but they should have a Tpiece included I think :thinking:

I also have some CNC gearboxes coming too that would come with a WARINTEREST Tpiece and nozzle…

Which cnc gearbox??
Also, random question - do you think it would be possible to source some blank tappet plates? As in, just a square tail that we could profile ourselves?
Is that even a thing that could be got?

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Mate I like where your going with the tappet idea… what part would you profile yourself?

It can be done…

I was thinking of guying some motel cnc plates but it might be a bad idea…

Would like to know if anyone has used metal tappet

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These look cool :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That definitely is a bad idea guying motel cnc plates ! but even if you bought some metal cnc plates it would still be a bad idea :+1:


Just the tail; I find half of mine don’t pick up soon enough, and don’t travel far enough; or are too curvy. Would be cool to have a long square just to file down exactly to suit the nozzle length/t piece/rof…
Metal sounds good, but would end up a bit too tight with the extra wear. You’d have to lube them every 20 mags, I reckon… Could cause a bit of damage also if the travel wasn’t perfectly straight. One little nick somewhere and there’d be a huge chunk out in no time. Or it would lock up and bye bye gears…

Yeh is it even a thing? Metal tappets would do some damage right?

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I like your idea mate, I could see this DIY tappet being a good part

Yeah metal tappets were a thing but do too much damage.

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It sounds like a part you need to fine tune or it would die a fine death!

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Seems like a high wear thing to me, at such a high speed I forsee problems on a thin piece of metal. Even if it was high strength and heat treated which would be cost inflating would eat nozzles and box rails.
Install grease nipples maybe :rofl:

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I have a CNC gearbox the same as the expert box. Should be here next week. If it’s a good seller I’ll buy a few cartons.

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Is that the GBF “knock off” of the LDT box that GBU are repping as their own “custom box”? :rofl::rofl::rofl: