MK47 UBR builds ready for sale

Oh dude nice! I am so keen, but not too keen on the DD handguard. Will you do a variant with the MI handguard? or alternatively I suppose I can buy the receiver and parts from you separately. I was a little put off about doing my own build due to people mentioning the gearbox fit requiring some jiggering.

Did the LDX basic just drop in or did you need to do some shaving?

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Mate they all dropped in a treat! I did notice that you shouldn’t tighten up the stock to much to the receiver of everything gets to tight and starts having problems…

Yes I’m getting the MI handguards in but they had to wait a while till they were built…

Not saying that the SHS M series are bad… only stating well known facts from many of us builders on here all agree, that the AUSGEL springs are much better in more ways than one :+1:


Yeh for sure man look if I had a choice I would be using lonex gear everyday mate.

I’m sure AUSGEL is a great brand with quality gear, I just only really want to stock and use good quality gear.

Really want to try and crack a deal with lonex bad!

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Fair enough mate :+1:
Hope you get to work out a deal to help your business keep going forward :white_check_mark:

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Thanks mate :pray:

I do it all for you guys anyways :wink::+1::beer:

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Fuck, you’re doomed :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

What’s your ins on full metal GBB Deagles that are not internally a bucket of shit and don’t cost a gorilla a unit? :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Wtf I don’t get your typing method mate lol.

Can you say it for us guys who speak English please

You want metal deagle?


I agree, I think he’s Greek or similar :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What tpiece adaptor and t piece you using? All mine are short.

For the MK47 builds? I use the LDX t piece and it’s fine :man_shrugging:t5:

I know it seems short but once it locks into the gearbox it’s pretty solid mate!

Also you may need a special spring to hold it in place I used the gearbox spring and the octopus adapter spring

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So you use the octopus adaptor?

Piling on

Also converted from sp and m to the ausgel


Yeh I had to use it with my SLR outer barrel kit that looks sick as combined with the DD handguard

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So you only use AUSGEL springs now? How much are they?

10 bucks mate :+1:

That’s makes sense

I remember looking at making my own springs and the cost is so fucking cheap!

I still think about doing it :thinking:

I rarely have to bother dealing with piston hammer any more

And when you do a relative straight swap, there was a legitimate increase in accuracy which generally defied expectations


I just went everything Ausgel 1.18s on Rattlers advice and haven’t looked sideways since, does what I am looking for in a blaster :ok_hand:


Well maybe next time I’ll make the switch but for now it’s M100