MOD: ejection port removal for M24

So a while ago we all drooled over someone’s inspired and sexy ejection port work…

At the time I wanted to but had that trigger release issue and promised to show and tell when I got off me ar53 and did it

So for the n00bs in particular, toolset and output is in images

Note to all: if you use the internal guides you will remove allot more material than is needed and probably create a weaker receiver housing than you want. Probably

Uploading: IMG_20190706_095902.jpg…

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Budget an hour is you are unskilled or a perfectionist.

Doesn’t seem to have impacted performance in any way


Did you get a new stock?

nah…gifted your pretty one to a chap northside who was drooling over the paintwork.

figured someone who really likes the paint should enjoy it :slight_smile:

you’d be beside yourself if you knew what i’d done to your baby

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Nice work! :blush:
Is there room to embed some metal and epoxy in the space under the rail? That would help bring some strength back

Metal putty

I have it but wanted to see if it is needed


What sort of metal putty do you use, I’ve been using the Knead It from bunnings ($20 for 110g) unless you know cheaper / larger size?

I have another brand but pretty much the same thing

Larger tube :slight_smile:

I have yet to use any of it in the m24 though even though it was purchased specifically for it