Modded blaster questions

I have just bought my first blaster,they said in the shop it had been upgraded,steel gears alloy barrel etc,as I’m new to blasters how can you tell if this has been done without pulling it apart,it’s a jingmin gen 9 m4a1,do shops sell modded blasters, thank guys

Hi, the only thing you can see without pulling it down is the alloy barrel. Everything else, you will have to open the main body… to know what the gears are, even the gearbox would have to be opened up.

Probably the best indication, other than WHO you bought it off, is how much it cost.

If it wasn’t much more cost than a stock one… probably not much done… If it cost alot more than stock, either lots of mods… or…

they saw you coming ceazy laughing%20(1)

Hopefully you got what you thought you were getting:+1:

The stock one was round 250 and the “modded” one $400 , purchased at M4A1 in Mackay,

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What is the list of mods done (allegedly)?

I am guessing seal, barrel, gears, plunger, motor at least:thinking:

Are you sure its a gen9 the M4a1 v4 definatey has a metal gearbox and metal gears, they are an off the shelf custom Wells.
I have had a look at one in pieces.
I am also in Mackay :+1:

Yea I’m not sure on that I guess I’ll have to take it apart and have a look,I bought the ■■■ in Mackay but live in Hervey bay,thanks mate

If it’s this one it is a Wells v4 custom with metal gearbox and metal gears :+1:

Should be able to just take the gearbox out and pull out the spring retainer and spring and look inside without actually taking the Entire gearbox itself apart.

Yup that’s the one,so it’s an ok blaster

Yes they are quite good for the money

Hey mate, just curious what metal box are they running in those things? It says V4 or is that just their own level of grading for custom mods.

I don’t know what it is, they sell the complete gearbox separately for $200.
The only thing I noted was that it had 6mm bushes and the box was black cast metal.
Yes they call it a v4 wells , not v4 as in v2 etc

Ok thanks, probably one of the many V2 airs0ft box’s that are available. Have you seen on aliexpress where they are selling kits now to convert V2 box’s to gel balls which include the mag block, wires, t-piece and outer barrel connector? Still though all using 6mm nozzle and not a dedicated gel ball tappet plate?

Here is the box

Ok something they have obviously modded looking at the mag block. Crappy wires, cylinder head and cylider. But it’s a V2 box so at least it will have metal cogs and a descent spring and hopefully an up graded motor?

How can you say it has a crap cylinder and head from the pic ?
The one I shot worked very well and looked and felt quite solid, it had a metal upper rail , metal inner and outer barrel, metal buffer tube, but the carry handle was nylon and it fits all wells internals and comes with a nice 3s Lipo.
I think for $400 it is pretty reasonable value

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For $400 it is probably good value. I’m just looking at the crappy wires and connections that aren’t silver. Also it has a nylon head and one of those brass ported cylinders which I don’t like. It’s a personal thing, it reminds me of the warinterest box’s which are I got burn’t with.

The info I’m getting here is very handy, what’s the go with the wiring? Any other thoughts on mods be appreciated,thanks

Mate for $400 bucks that is awesome value. I wish something like that was around when I bought my first blaster…it might have saved me about 4 grand :sweat_smile:

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Mate don’t bother with upgrades for now.
Out of the box it is better than anything I have seen for $400 .
The wiring is not the silver clear wiring you typically see when looking for upgraded wiring but it could also have decent wiring, The look of the insulation means nothing, I mean the wiring the Perun comes with is not silver clear wiring but is it is very high quality.
You would be hard pressed to find anything else of the shelf at any price that could out perform this blaster in both speed and accuracy without a hop up.
So go blow some balls and enjoy your new toy :+1:

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