Modded M24 - Noob

So having no gel blaster experience and very little woodwork experience I have decided that Ill grab an m24, mod it and make a timber stock for it. Sounds like nothing could go wrong huh?

I ordered the M24 from an aussie supplier on Aliexpress and this got delivered today, seems a bit of fun just my itself, but id love for it to have a more solid realistic feel as well as be more accurate and hit harder.

I thought ill start with the stock as with not many tools or skills this has the biggest possibility of disaster. Any tips or tricks here would be greatly appreciated.

So this is my afternoons work, so far I have learned that i thought pinewood sucked to cut with a coping saw and 2" thick black walnut sucks much much worse.



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I am stuck on how to cut the section for the barrel out down the length of the stock, I would love a router about now, my chisel skills…well Ive learned they are not what i remeber them to be from high school woodwork class.

I am thinking that I may do like they have done with the stock and over-size rough it in and then look at putting incremental supports in to make it fit snug

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buying a router will be worth it.

you have that receiver fit too which needs to be spot on…


I am a bit sketchy about the router aspect as i have never used one and I know its the right tool for the job but spending $300 to do a single cut and ill probably never use it again doesn’t seem like a great idea.

I was thinking maybe grab a hand router if I can find a knock off version of the veritas?

I have grabbed the metal action kit as well as a metal inner and outer barrel, hopefully they all work together- seems hard to grab what you need from the same places

Where did you get the walnut from mate? Have been thinking about doing the same

I got it from trend timbers, which was a bit of a drive for me.

The slab I got you could get 3 stocks out of it and it was $60


if you did splash out…you will get far more use out of a table router than you will a handheld plunge.

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Hopefully I do a few more projects in the future but this is by far the most out there timber project I have undertaken since building at ladder in high school 22 years ago, so in reality I am not sure how much either would get used after this project.

I had a chat to the guys at carbatec, they suggested running a hand saw down the length of it, cutting it to depth and then knocking it out with a chisel. Meant to be really carefull not to “rock” the saw and to try keep the cut flat.

They also suggested okay to go oversize and then bed it in with epoxy or filler.

I have had a look at this when I got home and my hand saw is roughly 5cm longer than the area i am cutting, so whilst possible, it does look to be a sucky process…

You can never have enough tools for making things.

I’m about to spend up to $10,000 on a milling machine I can’t really afford for making metal stuff for blasters…

Not to mention the $6000 I spent on a lathe a few years ago.

Never worry about spending money on good quality tools. If you have the talent to make stuff, which you obviously do, any tool you buy is an investment in YOU.

A few less meals and drinks out and it’s paid for, and you get to make heaps of stuff with it for years.


I am a bit limited on space so have to choose any of my garage purchases really carefully. I have a lot of good hand tools as they dont take up much space but power tools are few and far between. I am slowly building up some decent stuff for working on electronics but thankfully that doesnt take up much room either.

Sounds like I am better off bringing a case of beer over to your place on weekend :slight_smile:


maybe start with an extension to your garage?


Geez this is turning into an expensive hobby!

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So after an afternoon of wishing i had a router, i have ended up here.

The fitting of the receiver is turning in to being a lot of work as well I spent a bit of time on it but only a short way there, basically i went a bit tight there and am fitting each bit as it fouls.


Great rewards come from hard work and determination and you are well on the way !
That is very impressive considering what you have used to do it with !
Well done mate :+1:


I have one of the Flexcut “Carvin’ Jacks” which seems to be making life a lot easier than chisels for the barrel, receiver and magazine area, the small blades cut really well as long as you keep honing them every 20 cuts or so but because they are small blades its really hard to get a really flat smooth finish



I love old style craftsmanship !
I am into bushcraft and make lots of interesting minimalist goodies :nerd_face: