Modded My STD SLR and accuracy deteriorated more and more

So when I purchased my SLR I was keen to immediately strip it down and start increasing FPS and accuracy (as we all do) not knowing a great deal about how different parts influence the two attributes I was keen to improve. So based on advice from the seller I have over the past couple of weeks done the below.
On the first tare down I added:
Cylinder ORing (brown)
AusGel 1.18 spring
MST 100% cylinder
Hop Up
Trimmed 3mm off Tappet plate
Heavy duty tappet plate spring
Lithium grease on stock cylinder head to improve the seal

After doing these mods I was achieving a consistent 260 FPS and a very impressive Accuracy over 25 metres. Gels were AusGel pink limited addition.

After a week of daily use the accuracy changed significantly which made it much less desirable to use the ■■■ so chasing it back and thinking that the lithium grease purging out the cylinder head was the narrow minded reason, I purchased an alloy double O ring cylinder head and have been chasing accuracy ever since.

During my endeavours I have glued in the barrel thinking there might be something there causing it and also adding a metal spring retainer that has a bearing. Thinking maybe the spring was rotating and binding slightly (based on advice). But unfortunately nothing has helped so far. When I shoot the ammo either rapidly curves down right from the barrel exit with hip up or without hop up in every which way direction except where I aim (1-2metres over 25metres)

So I’m thinking I have too much surplus air exiting the barrel with the gels. Thinking my next upgrades will going to a 7.3mm barrel with an overall length of 400mm( stock is 7.5mm 330mm long)and see if that improves my accuracy.

I’m not keen on dropping FPS unless it’s a last resort as hitting a target is undoubtedly the aim of the game.

If you’re still reading my post thanks and appreciate any advice on my build.


Two things stand out to me and I’ll reread your post again later too

Lithium is awesome…but I’m not sure blasters are it’s best use.

Many of us use super lube. I’m a recent convert. It rocks.

The second thing is, you may need to do the o’ring if the grease has wandered off

As an afterthought, check your nozzle t piece seal


I forgot to mention that I have done the cylinder ORing also on the first tare down and have no lithium grease in it at current as the cylinder head has been upgraded to a double ORing also.

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Inside of cylinder still slippery to the touch?

Your gels in the later tests are fresh or part of the original batch?

Gels have varied since the limited Pinkies, I have used ultras, alpha kings and another which has slipped my mind for the moment. I have been growing my gels anywhere from 4 hours on the dot to soak over night. Have found best result from ultras at room temp for 1 hour then in the fridge for 3 which only confuses me more as they measure very inconsistent over a batch and also have dozens break during the grow duration.

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Sounds like nothing left to do than repeat all testing and see if results are consistent

If only redo the best combinations

sometimes after playing with mine for abit my accuracy goes a bit whack as i think the hopup becomes too slippery. next day when its all day everything comes back to normal

I have seen discussions regarding barrel lengths, what’s your thoughts on an increase from the stock 330mm?

I’ve purchased several different types of hop ups they all behave slightly different and have used the gels across 3 blasters and mine by far is the least consistent. My hop up on my mates makes it an absolute laser and he has similar mods.

I wouldn’t bother if it’s an all purpose blaster.

ID and material count.

But good match for existing clean barrel and gel size impacts performance more

Got a spare hopup?

Have found gels are the biggest factor in accuracy with my 2 blasters.

Fresh grows are the most accurate, running x-force milkys. Tap water seems to cap them out around the 7.2-7.25mm. Full 12 hour grow.

With distilled water that drops to a 4 hour grow and 12 they seem to get to 7.4mm or so

Week old gels, stored in air tight bottle in and not in water, all over the show

Thanks mate, I’ll check them out tomorrow. Thanks for helping out!

Hey mate, do you dry off your gels? If they’re too wet they can become inconsistent.
I dry mine with paper towel and just get the excess water off them. Then I let them sit in a sealed bottle in the fridge overnight.

Yes, drying the gels properly Is definitely a good thing to do, and dont keep the gels stored for too long. I will be only making small batches each time now, & using them within 1 week before making any more.
I also found that the accuracy with my HK416 became worse after putting about half a mag through at the start of each session.

Same blaster as me, std SLR, Ive got full metal internals, silver wiring, ally cylinder head, ( there’s a blue, and a brass one available, I have the blue) m100 spring, 40cm 7.5 barrel, new motor and hop up hidden in a 19cm suppressor. 350fps. 10-15m single shot pretty accurate, my target I can hit 3 targets in 3 shots, but not every time, you will get a few fly aways. Deffs use hard gels and my inner barrel and t price were a bit loose, so yeah just made the t piece wings thicker with electrical tape, and then made a sort of plastic wedge to go between my inner and outer barrel, to lock it down tight, so there’s no movement in it what so ever . And then I do find I sort of have to zero it in slightly every time I use it or with a new batch of gels or something, you’ll need to tune it. I found it balls were ‘whipping’ out in any direction too after some upgrades but I think that was because there was too much exit velocity behind the balls, a longer barrel or a ported cylinder would help, I chose longer barrel and hop up.

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Ah yes drying the gels too, one of the best tips for accuracy. I just lay paper down down in a cooking tray and fill it up with balls, then lay paper towel on top, let sit for 10-15 then just scoop into a dry 2l drinks bottle

Trimmed 3m off tappet - at the tail bit thingy? I was tempted to do that, saw a vid on how to fix the SLR bugs, but I was happy with mine, I didn’t need to change the timing slightly. Another one was to smooth off the 90 degree corner slightly of the tappet so it fits more snug into the corner of the gearbox but again, I found mine was ok so I didn’t.

We all know how things go pear when your balls ain’t dry… :wink:

Hitting the field with soggy balls always leads to tears…

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definitely promoted performance anxiety

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Mate, thanks for your share I’ll go grab a longer barrel today. I’m sure this is the key to my success!
Ill also work on drying my balls better.