Modding the Saw - 5.56mm Belt

Finally the 5.56mm belt haz arrived. Now shit gets fun :joy:


Go on, I’m intrigued …


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Gonna have to wait for the weekend I’m afraid.


Do you have a link to where you got it from please mate?


Still waiting for mine from Costume Box■■■■■■-belt-accessory.html

So yeah, definitely keeping an eye on your WIP

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If you get seen in public with that… you will need to change your name from Bulletmagnet to…

Cop Magnet badluck laughing%20(1) :rofl:


Exactly what I got. First impression is, it’s going to need a paint job. I think some nice Rustoleum Antique Brass for the casings and I have a tube of copper colour here from my steampunk days for the projectiles. Then dip the tips in some green paint and every five rounds some red for the tracers.

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LMAO, we wouldn’t want the snowflakes to have heart attacks now would we? :grin:


The Mother In Law came in yesterday and saw the belt draped over the Saw. I don’t think she liked it :rofl:



Sheeesh! I can’t think why? noidea laughing%20(1)


And here it is, ready to scare the pants off of young ladies…




Cut the ammo port out and clean up the cut

Keep the mounting hole as it will help lock in the belt

The bull.ets are slightly longer than the port, so drill a m6 hole and the tip of the will clip in. the rounds are flexible enough that they will push through the opening and clip in. Just gotta remove a bit from the mounting pin on the body so the round sits level.


Disassemble the mag and cut out a bit at the end on top to match the real world version.

Make the belt long enough so one link can push into the top of the ammo tray after a hole is cut out. I also screwed each round into the belt clips so they wont come out. When I get around to it, I’ll paint the rounds so they look a little more realistic.



Lol you wish ! But if it works let me know :rofl:


Here’s mine. Red/green dot scope added otherwise bog stock. Thanks bulletmagnet for the idea of adding the belt. I used costume shop stuff, about 15 bucks for a 90cm belt. I only needed 10 rounds!
Anyhoo, unlink and spray em gold. Get a red marker and roughly colour the tips. Respray with a light mists of gold until they look like copper. I split one round in half, one to glue to the mag, the other has fluffy Velcro glued inside and a sticky bit of Velcro in the feed…easy for mag removal.
What I was going to do…and still will, is open the mag and add 2 uv leds to the clear mag feed tube to make the mother of glow magazines.

But while the spare mag is in the mail, I found with some gentle filing of the inside of the muzzle, the S lighter tracer unit friction fits real snug.
So if you have both you can use glow gels for night combat!


That looks bloody unreal , so simple yet looks so realistic :+1:
But the question is, Will it scare the pants off young ladies like @BulletMagnet Saw does :rofl:


Looks great… I’ve been meaning to do the same but didn’t even know where to start.

With regards to the glow drum, I’m actually in the process of doing it currently.
I painted the reservoir in a shiny silver to help light distribution.

It is actually extremely reflective.

Then I’ll be running four LEDs attached to resistors and a separate, spare 2S battery so I’m not oring putting draw on my main battery.
I was considering an external switch too but unsure.
It only takes 15s to open it up to remove and charge the battery.

Here’s mine, just 2 9v UV leds glued facing into the clear feed tube. I’m using a 9v battery on the mag contacts to test the setup

This is my night fighting mag :sunglasses: the green tips on the rounds are a giveaway :grin:
I’ve yet to run it with the 11.1 v battery to see if the glow is even brighter.