Modify tactical xtb cobra or custom built cyma

All legends I’m on the fence right now for my next gel blaster. This 1 will be the one I don’t touch. I’ve got $1000 and I’m tossing up between the xtb cobra and a cyma custom build. I need hands on advice from anyone who’s owns either of these. I want something that’s got good grouping at 20-30 metres.

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id probably go full custom build. nice metal receiver, a mk or retroarms box. can pick the handguard and buttstock you want.


Modify all the way there smexy as

The most fun is in the build. Full custom build for me.

Or, are you talking about buying an already built custom CYMA, like at GBU etc?

Build it yourself. At least then you know whats going on if something breaks. And it will

And good groupings at 20-30, you need to make sure The volumetrics is spot on and your hopup works with you blaster. Start a collection of hopups :wink:

I have what your asking for in accuracy for far less $$$

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Looks like I’ll be going the cyma route then. Any tips on achieving my goal for accuracy ? I’m wanting around 350fps and 25-30 rps and I’m hoping to spend the money once to create something reliable. It will have a leviathan in it but that’s the only solid part I’ve got so far

Accuracy is volumetrics.

The cqb ported cylinder seems to like a shorter than 250mm barrel. I shortened mine for and its upped the accuracy alot.

The barrel sits 40 maybe 50 mm past the hand guard, with a war interest hopup and its maybe more accurate than my arp9

Im getting this -

Using 18:1 gears, 1.18 spring and a shitty stock wells motor I pulled out of my mrt

You’d need to short stroke the system, and run a heavier spring to get 28rps or over. Pre-engagement becomes a thing


I’ve got 3 other blasters with spot on VE and still bad grouping. I’m running 7.3 barrels with elites and aks but I’m gonna try 7.5 barrel and see if that helps

Yeah. The only blaster i run a 7.3mm is my wells cos i cant get a 7.5mm. And i havent tested accuracy yet. Thats a job for tomorrow if i ever get home from the inlaws …

Currently in Tenterfield at my wifes family reunion. We said good buys 30 mins ago. And she’s disappeared again to do some thing …

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I do love a good cyma click the lose more money to this hobby button immediately :joy:. Although I think you should go for a m16a1 or 2 or 3 or a scar same internals just a more unique shell :+1:

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I’m currently switching to 7 4mm alloy barrels as I feel they’re more tolerant of odd size gels at the expense of the rigidity of the ss 7.3mm.
My 3 feed fine except for the odd miss fire; the only problems I seem to get feed-wise is larger/mis-shaped gels with the 7.3, hence the switch/experiment…
For mine, go the custom. The Cyma boxes are sound (see my recent pics of them polished by hand with old gear…), and custom you can literally tune EVERYTHING.
That being said; the Modifys, at least according to @LowGuido, are pretty shit hot… You’re right - there’s a lot to said for ootb awesomness…and the Modify stock parts look great quality (according to pics), but no cnc box… Or mosfet.
Peruns are the shiz, and the new ones seem better…

Oh yeah, and barrel stabilisation

Closed cell foam and lots and lots of electrical tape.

Ill post a pick of the inside of that silencer can

I really need to make up some 3d printed plugs …

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If @LowGuido chimes in and says the modify are worth the money than that’s what I’ll go for. I need 1 blaster that’s reliable and accurate. My groupings are 1-5 metres at 20m. I can’t bring them in for some reason.

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Just curious what do you personally want your ideal groupings to be ?

I’d like 2-3 out of 10 gels to hit a human size target at 30m. I’m not asking the world

My arp9 is that at 25.

Its low on power so past thats a bit of a stretch, but a trigger tap on auto sends 4-5 gels down range with my setup and maybe 1 misses the head shot and hits center mass?

The cyma shorty im working on migh just be better, as so far its thats with old gels. The arp9 needs fresh grown, as in added water to the bottle 4 hours before the game starts, the grow in the car, and drained as we head out fresh to get that accuracy

My msr stock with a mp5 steel hop up is that but aeg’s are a bit harder to get at 30m I think at 25m it’s possible

Ive got the arp9 to send gels that 90% of them stay in the reticle of my razor uh-1 site at 25m.

Which looks like this-


Makes the setup really quick in cqb

Its heavy thou. No word of a lie, that optic and riser rail i need so i can use my mask weigh as much as the blasters

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Xyl or classic army ?

Xyl. Gen 2 i think? From the original batch m4a1 had in early last year