Monkee Mods cheap as parts

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Just plugging monkee mods again. Cheapest parts I’ve found. 6 days to ship parts to me. You won’t buy a (nylon) gearbox anywhere else after you get one here. Just picked up BCM receiver for $105 including shipping and a LDT v3 metal gear box for v2 blasters for $50!!!


do we need to get you a MM vendor section m8?

Hi mate just wondering if u could post a link for the metal warinterest gearbox shell. I couldn’t find it
Assuming he meant metal gears not shell

Ya Metal gears, nylon box. Just put the v3 in a kublai K1. awesome

There are two on there. Both have nylon shells and metal gears. The 3.0 version has quick change spring ability.

The 3.0 came in this box which is identical to the box my “V2” version came in.

Still they are not bad value considering you also get the LDT t-piece and a 270mm alloy barrel. But you have to add postage to the $45.50, and mine took 17 days to arrive, not the 6 days that @spectre720 got his in. Then I’m in central Qld so that may have added a bit to the delivery time.
Get an alloy o-ringed nozzle while you’re there too, as the standard nozzle doesn’t seal very well.

Thanks I thought it was too good to be true

Isn’t it strange that companies make these great things (like this gearbox) but then use a shyte nozzle, shyte spring or shyte seal… when for $3 more they could provide a good gearbox that doesnt need modifying?

Maybe they do it so you MUST open the gearbox… thus negating the warranty?

It is not just blasters… all of the RC toys are the same… they sell a great little micro helicopter or RC buggy… but it has a crappy main gear or a Cheapass rubbish plastic pinion… always something comes stock that could be better without much extra cost (if any) noidea

Imagine if you could buy that gearbox and it arrived… and you knew it had a good seal and a cylinder head that woas made properly (wouldn’t leak) and you could just put it in and it WORKED? Even if it cost $5 extra…

To me, it would be so much better than having to buy new stuff… and upgrade it before you even use it…ceazy

totally agree. Bought the LDT v3 gearbox and, yes i had to replace the terrible o ring seal and the 80% cylinder. Was a pain to get into the Kublai K1 shell.
@HelterSkelter I got this lot of parts in 6 days too.

Where are you in central Qld mate ?
I am in Mackay

That’s a coincidence, so am I :grin:

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@Calcifer The sellers of those green o-rings wouldn’t agree with you. They must make a nice little profit from them.

Don’t know what the Kublai shell is like, but I put the version 2 LDT into a Wells receiver, and it required a fair bit of work with the dremel and file. But that was also to accommodate the LDT t-piece.
And you just HAD to throw in the “6 days delivery” bit again, didn’t you :cry:

Hey guys just looking for some helpful info, I’m looking at buying from Monkeemods but I’m unsure of a couple of things,

Has anyone had issues with ordering from them?


Since it’s from overseas would you recommend a B709 form to be safe?

Just want to do it right thanks for any reply’s. :grin:

Welcome, @Mr_K.

I have had just the one purchase from them, @spectre720 has had more.

My experience with them - good price, you get what is advertised. I paid approx $26 postage for an LDT gearbox, and a handgrip. You may get more value with a larger purchase.

The B709. If you are in QLD, you don’t need one to import blaster parts. And if you’re somewhere else, and you even have a permit, you are still taking a chance the package will make it past customs. They are a law unto themselves.
I have purchased from Europe and Asia, and I think only two parcels in approx 12 months never showed up. Start with a smaller purchase, and see how it goes.

My housemate and I have had boxes and boxes of stuff from them. Quick delivery, never an issue.
Shells, barrels, gearboxes, muzzles.

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It took me 20 mins, a flat head screwdriver and some grey matter to get the LDT v3 into the Kublai K1. Cut and file should be the final solution, but wells seem to be a c**t to fit into other shells. I hope it worked out well (pun).

20 mins - I can spare that, flat head screwdriver - have plenty of them, some grey matter - could have a problem there :worried:

The main difference with the Wells is the t-piece setup with the tube that screws into a section on the receiver. I cut all of that out and used the LDT t-piece (that way you can use gen8 mags) Also had to file down some of the inner top sides of the receiver for the LDT box to fit in.

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Thanks mate really appreciate the reply, yeah I’m in QLD so no issue there just had to double check :grin:

Cheers that’s perfect, thanks for the 3% off link too, legend :+1:

Hello HelterSkelter. You installed LDT v2 into a Well receiver. Appreciate if you can share steps and photos. Thanks