Monkee mods peq box

Anyone have any experience with this peq box from monkeemods, was wondering what colour laser it has and if it has ir, also if its in general any good?

To me it appears to be an FMA brand PEQ15 LA5C, there are lots of videos on YouTube comparing this model to the Element brand’s model.
In general, yes there are good units. The laser and lights are crisp, the IR is not very good from all reports but anyone with NODs is going to spend more than $60 on a IR illuminator/designator…
I say the laser is fine, but in practice is does not remain steady while the blaster’s firing - also typically the range of adjustment is not enough to actually “zero” for a gel blaster.
Having said that, Element have a revised version of their LA-5C UHP model which addresses the laser stability and zero adjustment, which IIRC is model number EX-419.
Good luck!


Thanks for the info man, would you happen to know where I can get a decent green laser peq box with a good ir laser as well?

Anything with a good IR laser/illuminator will be expensive.
You’d be looking at the least a G&P DBAL-A2, sourced from an asoft dealer overseas and with an average price tag of $300 - even then you’d be lucky to get it in as the laser is too powerful for Aus…
If you don’t have NODs, a laser illuminator isn’t going to do you much good anyway. There are plenty other ATPIAL units out there with decent visible laser/illuminators and no IR for $100 or less.

I bought a DBAL-PL from Ali last year, is very well made & fine for gel blaster use. Solid aluminum construction. Cost just over $100.