Monkey mods import

Hi all, I’m looking for feed back from other enthusiasts that have ordered gel blaster parts internationally.

I am interested in a few bit on the Monkey Mods website and was piecing together what I wanted however, im not sure if I will run into problems with customs.

Specifically on the list are, 12" M-Lok handguard, gel blaster drum mags, batteries and pistol grip.

Whilst these are all nylon and for gel blasters, I’m still concerned that customs might not like this.

If you have ordered parts internationally i would like to hear your experiences, and if you have ordered,
1 from monkey mods or,
2 a handguard internationally.


i’ve ordered a couple things off Monkey mods, seems to be ok,
shipping will take a while tho but that’s a given, especially now.

i haven’t had issue ordering 2 handguards from oversea, one off Aliexpress, another one i forgot which shop, but both came in with no issue. battery i would suggest you order locally if you can find the same, or identical battery, mostly because of possible warranty issue.

i think as long as it is not receiver or a whole gat then it should generally be ok?

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Haven’t yet but they have been recommended to me by several reliable sources who have bought from them.

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