More CQB loving as the HLF ARP 9 is now in production

It’s a great time to be getting into the sport with new models and manufacturers. What do we know about this ARP9?

There is 2 brand of this , small moon and HLF (who makes the UMP45 shell ).

HLF quality looks good!

Awsome CQB unit by the looks?

Its just a g&g arp9 ripoff I hope a ra v2 fits make a wicked speedqb platform… be great if there were kwa variants also

All the best blasters are airs0ft conversions, better quality?

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If better quality than UMP that would be great .

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Pretty sure arp is v2 equivalent… ump is gen8… it may take v3 box… not sure we need a v3 singularity mk box…

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when should it arrive

Found these on a fb page. Doesn’t say which brand, and it’s a bit hard to make out what’s on the receiver. Picture quality isn’t the best.

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That’s a the XYL (little moon) version. The HLF has a straight grip, the XYL has a curved grip plus inline mosfet from the battery.