More Vector FPS

Hey guys. Looking to mod my V2 to get more fps. Anyone know what i could do? I have a alloy barrel already and hoping to get it up around 300 fps. Is this possible? Im in Brisbane and looking for someone to mod it for me. Any feedback would be great. Thanks

It’s pretty rewarding to do it yourself. Done the o ring and spring?

Yeah done the o-ring and put the 1.2 spring in that came in the box with the V2. Would a 1.3 work? I got a new Wells m4 the other day and want my V2 to hit harder than the wells.

Yer a progressive 1.3. X-force have a v2 kit, simple and that will have you sitting at a reliable 300.

I’ll give the progressive 1.3 a go. Other than that i think all i can do is replace the ported cylinder with a solid one & a barrel to suit. Cheers @BigWeetBix for ya help :+1:

so this kit would get me to around 300 fps?

That’s the one. All the things you need for a reliable V2!

X-Force Tactical

We do upgrades and mods so just bring it in or give us a call we can help you out if needed.

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@Vas_Opr What would it cost for you guys to upgrage my v2 with this kit?

We charge $45 ph for our tech guy and it takes around 1-2 hours

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if you are not very intimate with the finer points of building that 45-90$ will pay off in time later on when something goes wrong and extra performance improvements over what you will be able to achieve with self installation.