Morita Battle rifle

Now that im happy with the FAMAS and waiting on some alloy for the FAL, i though id start thrashing out the next build. Big fan of Starship troopers so naturally a Morita battle rifle was on the cards.
For those that don’t know, its a stupidly absurd bulpup design that is over 1100 in length, but is so cool!!
Based on a Muzzlite bulpup shell and a ruger 1022, with a ithica 37 shotgun hung underneath, what more can you ask for ?


Now your living in my world of fun, nice bit of kit there :thinking: :+1:


its been interesting doing the research on this gat, all individually sculpted, quite a few were live firing but only one fired the shotgun. they also did a carbine which didn’t have the ithica, which was more in line with a true bulpup.


Not a bullpup but similar in appearance, My SL8 battle rifle. Thinking of putting a drum mag on it :smiling_imp:


Fingerfucked the real deal at Shot Show before the Gov did a back flip an banned them for being too War like in appearance even though an actual War used rifle can be had for a hundred bucks, oh the, hmm, heart rate rising, heart rate rising. Your example blek is a beauty, I’m a H&K NUT, I don’t know this Blaster, I soon will, nicely done.

Pauls_Boutique, pleased to meet you. Your namesake, my three favorite albums of ALL TIME includes Check Your Head and I’ve seen them twice in concert, outstanding, your names album right up there as well, excellent. The BullPup you posted in reality would tick most of my boxes, yeah, I’m a BullPup junkie too. BullPup, mmm perfection, mmm BullPup, hmm origin of name, hmm?

Thanks slingshot. It’s a Golden Eagle SL8-4 frame with G36K handguard and M4 magazine adapter. I luve the SL8 stock/grip but not keen on the full length hence the K guard on the front. Not completely finished yet still chasing the top scope rail and waiting on some other pieces for the external finishes then the internal fun begins!

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Thanks for the heads up with the SL-8 Chassis, W0W, there’s a whole wide world out there. I am as eager as can be to see the finished (are they ever) build, so far, so so good.

The combination of chosen parts both suits and does justice to the Heckler & Koch name, nicely done.

Your as bad as all the others, bad, scratch that, a wicked wicked influence. How am I to stay focused on my MONSTER build with all this diversion, I simply can’t skim the top, once seen, once noted, I dive in, I explore underneath, thank you but not in a thank you way.

SHOT Show few years ago now,
There was a line, I stood in line, I lined up to fingerfuck the SL-8 proper. I see nit after wit be handed by the keeper and delicately take hold of, from memory, the 4 thou beasty and ever so gently fondle it. The keeper would say, “rough it up boy”, to this guy and the next, I watch, I listen, I note, “next in line buddy”, I step forward, I grasp, I jam fingers here and there, I yank the charging handle back, I slapped the bolt forward, I grin, I grin some more, yeah, I’m finished that quick. That was my first H&K Long Arm experience and I’d do it all over again if she’d have me.

The SL-8 experienced above was constructed from Grey Nylon instead of the usual Black. Why? H&K went to a Hell of a lot of time, trouble and expense to be granted permission to sell the SL-8 here in Aus. and that was either one of the requirements or appeasements.
EBR is all to real, Evil Black Rifles are just that to the layman, Evil Black Rifles. As I said in the above post, still, still after all the firy hoops jumped through the Federal Government did a back flip and illegalised them. Some 800 (my memory guess) were sold out of 2000 (again, guess) constructed solely for the Aus market, as every other country has more, more, more sensible rules & regulations. I do go on. It’s another sore point with me. If I had have been quicker, purchased one, then to surrender, well, deep lakes and boating accidents don’t mix well.

Stay on it blek and please post the updates, I now speak for us all, we can’t wait to see the next installment and the completed Blaster, nicely done.

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One of my favourites.

They actually used Ruger AC-556 in a half dozen of them, Ruger Mini 14 semi only for another lot and the rest were non firing props. Heavily modified Muzzelite bullpup stocks.

Mobile Infantry :v:

Who didn’t get a wood for Denise Richards :drooling_face:


Now, I’m not following your tail bout place, but I couldn’t allow a mention of Denise, or Dennies as she allows me to call her, tickin’ boxes I meant to say in that other post, not buttons, brain fade, and yeah, I’d tick her box, I’d tick it long and hard. Wild Things is one of my favourite all time Movies, oooohh Dennies, oooohh indeed. Out.

ETA - Mobile Infantry is Starship Troopers, where the fark have I been, when did that happen, how did I miss that, Mobile Infantry is also, how’s that, one of my favs, this time in the B Grade Category, but still. Out.

@SlingShot Cheers likewise !! Yeah that would be my biggest regret in missing them in concert :frowning: … at least i got to see PE in a small show in 2014 at the Hq complex in Adelaide - was awesome, they played for hours and standing in the carpark after, DJ Lord came out and chatted for ages. Was a real highlight to see teen idols still believing in what they do. Chuck d even stopped the show halfway through and had a Q and A. And then signed stuff after for ever.

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My biggest music regret was missing Nirvana at the Big Day Out (long long story), I knew two nits that went and well, their review was everything I’d believe.

You didn’t mention if you ‘gelled’ with Check Your Head or not, awesome life altering album, to this day when I listen to it I discover new and different sounds tucked away deep inside. You know all three of them were anti-gat through & through with one of them even destroying a Brand New 1911 Pistol in a Video clip, fuckers.

One of the two times I saw them was at the SoundWave Festival which was excellent, Snoop was also there along with a bunch of others. Between you and me I had the Paramedics give me a kick to see if I was alright or not OR conscious or not, depends who you ask, fun times, well, from my memory anyways, yes I still have a trickle remaining.

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Oh the Boiler Room how I miss you :drooling_face:

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I can’t think, I can’t remember the first of my Boiler Room experiences, Reznor and NIN I wanna say, I don’t know, but Boiler Room by name and by nature, it was messy.

Speaking of messy. Music Festivals. The fuckwits. The crowd. The inebriated. The fuckwits.
I see the way, to where I need be, the path is there, somewhere, hmm, how to proceed, I know, “One Sloppy Joe thank you”, not a munch taken, I extend my meaty saucy drippy slop filled roll outward for all to see, I step forward, clear space is awarded, another step, more space, I then, and I kid you not, start a slow methodical pace with the outstretched arm holding the, for all intents & purposes, bio hazard, sweeping from side to side as if detecting for gold. Did it succeed in purpose. Well, not a music festival, (and I attended The Falls Festival seven years straight among a host of others) was experienced without utilising this bend people at will trick :+1:.

Also works fine in cities with a take away coffee in hand :grin:

And blek, if you ever find you need to sell your SL-8, a better home you could not find, yeah, I have a H&K Shrine, no promises, but careful consideration. I am to build a SPR/DMR/LRR Blaster variant and I could see that platform being an awesome base to start.

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@SlingShot i must admit i always seem to overlook check your head, but i put it on today and i had forgotten just how good it is ! Ended up playing it all afternoon on rotate.

WHAT, where do you be, I’m comin’ to stick a boot up ya ass, and I’ll ‘overlook’ how many times I do so.

When you say ‘overlook’ are you placing it in the same pile as the rest of Beastie Boys and one of their many other albums takes your fancy a little more OR are you overlooking it in the whole wide grand array of musical offerings? I wonder.

I had it on rotate and repeat in a souped up Datsun Stanza, 2.2L,120b stroked, cammed and turboed, with a pioneer tape deck (yes) and matching equalizer, no woofers, blastin’ it everywhere, many many people didn’t get it, those that did, hmm, well.

Nice taste, being a fan are you aware of the upcoming Apple doco on them, they are heavily involved as well as Spike Jonze as Director, I lap it all up to this day.

Well im lazy nowadays and spoilt with spotify, so instead of playing albums i will generally put on an artists channel. But check your head is one of those albums that can be played from start to finish and i did forget that :grinning: - i had a vw beetle back in the day with 2 12inch subs for a back seat and a set of splits up front… that died in a flume of blue smoke actually dragging off an orange datsun stanza up the expressway one night, dropped a conrod bearing and the piston grenaded the case.

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What the Fark is a Spotify?

Yes, Beastie Boys are masters at arranging tunes one end to the other, flow, that flow.

“dragging off an orange datsun stanza” ha, in ya dreams boy, I’d say you been draggin’ to much loopy loopy weed beforehand and memories are corrupt, events more so, the only thing that rings true is the “flume (plume) of blue smoke”, now that I’d believe. Nissans Rule, and Dattos as well. That motor in my Stanza, wow, an 11 thou 351 with Tunnel Ram and Twin Carbs, nope, not today, one of many that I embarrassed, I finally came undone with a VL Turbo a sleeper of sorts, Calais variant, nice Simmons Rims, Factory Blue Paint, Lowered, nice, nice, I’d seen it around as I was then living near a own of 20K or so, we raced from rolling, we battled, I screamed it, he won, (I had 150Kg or more in the boot over the rear wheels for traction so that didn’t help, no excuse though, we pulled up, introduced ourselves, “take a squiz underneath” he said, I do, drrrr what am I lookin’ at, Ohhh, it was a Holden VL with the running gear from a R33/4? GTR, the front shafts, the rear end, the engine and the sweet sweet turbo/s?, yeah, I felt OK about that loss, well, it still stings.

My Pops had Beetles, flat stick Beetles, Beauties as well as Minis, he actually held the Australian Record for his quarter mile efforts in the Mini, ended up over a cliff on it’s roof, shame.

I’m gonna dust off the Check Your Head file and give it a play today, think of Nissans, think of Dattos, think of screamin’ Turbos, and think of you, really try and think of you, in any circumstance, whippin’ a Stranza in a Bug. Well, I say that, but true the stock motor wasn’t much chop, but wow those Nissan 120b’s scream when worked.

OK now that memory lane has passed, back to the design. Ill be picking up a shotty for this build tomorrow, so while ive been waiting, im also doing the design for the carbine version - which is minus a shotgun and 500mm shorter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - here is a quick render to see progress…


Picked up two of these yesterday. The profile of the pump handle is very close to the ithica so one less thing to mod.


plugging away - triggers, springs and pump mount placement largely done, just need to knock up the arm for the pump trigger