MOSFET and 13:1 gears

Hey guys,
Is a mosfet necessary when running a 13:1 high speed gearbox?

not really, unless you really need the high fire rate or speedsoft level of trigger responce.

i have a 13:1 gears in my slr and it works fine without a mosfet

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Ive got 13:1 in both my gen 8 and alpha king AK. Neither have a mosfet. However when using the semi function on the AK if i go to fast, like talking using second hand with a straight finger on the trigger finger banging it hard than a teen at the school dance. Then it spazs out and stops worlong and i habe to put it back into auto

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Cheers guys :+1:

Mate, if the budget allows I’d suggest putting one in. The trigger response will be better and no semi auto problems ! Then you can also program burst, binery, active brake etc…


Oh ok. What mosfet would you recommend to fit in an MK Hybrid 92?

I like Perun but haven’t had any experience with others. Maybe someone else knows better??

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