MOSFET keep blowing on vector v2 green board

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Does anyone have an answer on how to combine the easyfet V2 and green motherboard? Also is there a way to protect MOSFETs from blowing by use of diodes or the likes there of?

g’day @Klikdawg, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

the answer isn’t simple and for the time investment, parts and frustration of trying to shoehorn a solution in you may be better off looking at the t238 fet from gelballmod

Easyfet is great option for vector if you don’t mind losing burst and semi. I’ve done it on mine after blowing 3 standard vector boards (L shape ones). I can take pics tonight.

Also easyfet is based in Brisbane and offer great after sales support (I bought a couple of their v1 version which failed and they were quick to send replacement v2 board)

Have you got this on the table yet?

Thanks mate, I’ve spent a bit of time on it already and money so it’d be a shame to give up now. Tell me more about this fet and will I loose my burst/semi/auto fire selection?

easyfet is the go, I’ve got one in my son’s vector. I will fitting one in mine when the mosfet goes in mine

Thanks Neil, I’ve been toying with the easyfet V2 too, how have you got it hooked up? Have you done away with the motherboard altogether?

Thanks Andy, if you could post some pics when you get the chance that’d be great

not yet. before i get this bit i have a few other bits to get…and i probably need to pimp myself out to pay for it.

for the cost though, i’ll definitely be putting one in my RAsplit build…

but first…trivial things, like air cylinders

If you get the t238 be gentle on the trigger I got one last week pulled the trigger too far and broke the tiny switch off before I even got it back in the receiver😭

I knew there would be a trade off for the price.

Don’t suppose you have pics?

I’m hoping to order one real soon and their marketing images leave much to be desired

Yeah I knew it was too good to be tru but I thought bugger it I’ve spent way too much on this blaster to fork out $200+ for a titan but seems I’ll have to now

first 2 show the broken switch the last shows the selector which is what the trigger switch used to look like

damn…that almost looks like it was either installed backwards or flicked over in the wrong direction

still…something for me to be aware of and fix if needed before i do the same

It was easy to do. I didn’t bother with the mag feed switch I just run the mag feed wires to the motor wires.
Follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong. If I had to say a bad thing I’d say the trigger wire solder pads could be a little bigger

That t238 fet is for a v2 box only. T238 fo have a fet similar to gate nano/easyfet. But when you can get the easyfet here for $20 (no affiliation) and you are after simple trigger protection, don’t care for semi/burst then why not.

Btw the easy fet when installed into a v2 still retains the semi/full auto if anyone was wondering.

@Klikdawg I’ll get pics up soon mate.
@Neil I did something similar with mine. Orders 2 (one for a friend) so on his I’ll be extra careful. I think if the t238 had maybe an extra 2mm where the trigger sits it would be fine

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Electricals/gadgets are easy enough

There are elements of thent238 I see as sub optimal in terms of build, design, quality but let’s face it…MIT’s 1/3rd the cost of the competitor

It’s good to know ahead of time though