Mosfet options for an SLR CQB?

Hi, Recently picked up an ihobby pre modded slr cqb with metal gears, and wanted it to be abit snappier in single fire similar to the xyl arp9, is there a budget friendly way to get that same kind of single shot response time? can you throw an arp9 mosfet into the slr cqb? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You could try an easyfet. Nor sure where youโ€™d fit an external mosfet. But it should allow for snappier trigger response.

Imo though the bigrrr mosfets are quality and only $90

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there is enough room around the t piece in front of the box for any external mosfet and many wire them through the buffer tube

done properly its a sound solution but consider an inbox solution if you want neat.

you are better off keeping the trigger block, fusing the battery and getting a nice motor for your first mod though.

then you can consider what else you want your mosfet to do.

a mosfet in and of itself wonโ€™t give you a snappier trigger response - its a high current switching device.

FCUs with all sorts of features can give you a little edge but only so far as the motor and gearing are capable

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