Most accurate gel blaster out of the box

What’s the most accurate blaster out of the box

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what kind of accuracy you are after?

i would personally argue that gel blaster in any shapes and forms has no “accuracy” per se,
but if you secure the inner barrel and outer barrel, then put a proper tuned hopup on any stock gel blaster and you will get consistency to some extend.

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Probably the XYL ARP9. Out of the box, the blaster fires pretty straight volleys even without a hop up from what i’ve seen.

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Agreed with @gaz the arp 9 is very good in standard form!! Likely has something to do with only pushing out 240-250 fps. But all you gotta do is make them call their hits!

Honestly right now I’d go the arp9 as well. The one I used last Sunday was pretty accurate but turned into a laser beam when I put my dkj9 hopup from my j9 on it.

Edit: I’m also talking the xyl. Not the hlf

Thank you all for your suggestions

Hope this links.

Surely this is in the top 5


is there really that much difference between the two O_o?!

What happened to the ABC and the QRP…? :thinking: :rofl:

Arp9 is the only best shooter from box my arp9 is currently firing 280 to 360 and even higher outputs have been seen standard gearbox 1.3 equal spring running (3) 11.1v batteries and I’m getting 50rps noworrys but it’s all in the barrel tuning the length of your barrol to the Outer barrel theres lots to consider when building high end modding I’m building a sr25 wells sniper support weapon and I have already spent 1500 on just trying to get the dam thing to run I’m running metal gearbox metal SHS 13.1 shimed gearing 1.4 unequal spring running a 480 high torque gold motor and it cracked the front of a 150 doller metal gearbox I am now waiting on a new gearbox and receiver from my supplier it’s completely full metal not cast and this I will achieve 400fps average it cost me another 1500 the gearbox and receiver was $1000 500 eatch

this is a old pic the sr25 has taken many looks and shapes since this pic in getting the look authentic as possible

Sorry for the shocking Blur but this is what my arp9 looks like.i am running 3#1200mah 11.1v lipos that’s 33.3v to get50rps159331281442567593411079557030|666x500

Now that’s a video I need to see👍🏽

You running the batteries in series configuration?
No mosfet I assume?

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Yes in series with 3 different connections deens plug large Tamia plug and the small Tamia it was originally so I could swap between my batteries but I removed all of the stock and opened up the back of receiver so I could swap out springs in just seconds for different fields and I soldered all the plugs on to the main wiring and joined all 3

my phone takes crap pictures lol

I dont think anyone can guarantee any out of the box blaster is more accurate. Ive not seen any definitive tests done (although youtube channels like Charlie dont surf and Novice Driver have got a few very good blaster reviews for accuracy comparisons but its not complete) so unfortunately the reality is that it will be a mixed bag knowing chinese quality. I think the main factor for an untuned out of the box blaster would be barrel length and a secure inner barrel. The longer barrel will mean the gels are guided straighter for longer and a stable inner barrel means that the gearbox cycling wont shake the barrel and affect the gels trajectory. I dont know which blasters have well stabilized barrels out of the box but there are easy ways to do this either bought or just tape the inner barrel to fit snug in the outer barrel. An alloy barrel will be better then a plastic one. A solid 250 to 280 fps seems a balanced velocity for range and accuracy. If you have time learn how to upgrade your blaster or spend up and get the experts to do it. Just make sure you get the max enjoyment out of it!

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