Most suitable Jingji SLR magazines?

Hello Blaster Community

So i was just wondering whats the best and cheapest magazine for the Jingji SLR? at the moment i have a gen 8 magazine in it and it works fine but i also want to know if there are any other magazine out there that can fit the Jingji SLR receiver.


I like the J9 genuine mags

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ooo…making a mental note of both of the above.

i have the pretty but small compmag

but i go field with the 2 STD mags (i had to add a collar to them)

Well in my SLR I’ve used both War Interest ABS and Nylon mags. Bought two war interest metal mags to try out also which should arrive soon. These are branded pre-existing mags from what I can tell, but they fit and feed well.