Motor for M4a1 gen 9

Anyone know a motor which would increase speed instead of power?


The motor has no influence on the speed of the gels (nor how hard they hit)… it only makes the rate of fire increase. The main spring controls how hard the gels hit.

An 11.1 (3S) battery will increase your rate of fire, but may chew up your gearbox unless you upgrade the gears. I put an 11.1 lipo in my stock Gen 9 and it chewed the gears after 3/4 of the first mag…

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So if I want to put in the 11.1 volt battery I will have to upgrade the gears, anything else I would have to upgrade so that it won’t kill my gear box?

Gear ratio will change the fire rate too but it can mess with the mechanics of the whole thing and cause you to lose out elsewhere so… Yeah…
Edit: Example, too fast and the sector gear will catch the piston ladder before it fully compresses (it sounds real bad when it happens too)

If you get metal gears, make sure you get a metal plunger ladder too or the metal gears will chew through the stock one… (As long as you don’t replace the spring with a stronger one, nothing else should really be needed)

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Just the gears if it already has nylon cases, if it has plastic cases… change those too.

I would suggest changing the piston seal o ring, put in a 1.3mm spring… and make sure no air leaks around T piece and barrel is a good start… then an alloy barrel… then start on other stuff like gears and bearings and 3S battery

A generally stock Gen 9, with only the air section (spring guide/spring no leaks and alloy barrel) done, will make a reliable, fairly accurate, reasonable punch blaster… and the mags wont empty so fast :grin:

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Would it be much easier to buy a kit for all this instead of buying all the different parts separately? Cause I hardly know much about what stuff to buy.

I will always recommend someone has a good, reliable, not too far from stock blaster that is very reliable… always on hand to use any time… then, buy all of the upgrades including another upper and lower… so you can put together a real monster separate to your reliable ‘old faithful’

There is nothing worse than having one blaster that is being constantly upgraded and is not (yet) reliable… if the hot one plays up, you have to sit out games… if you have a good reliable one as a back up… it is much better


Up to you, bro…

Would probably work out cheaper to buy a kit than separately if you’re buying online (I did separate cause I wanted specific parts/colours and did a bit at a time)

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Very true Xtopc … this is a good kit imo… Out of stock at the moment, but likely back in stock soon

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For now, with the blaster you have, maybe just get a seal, 1.3 spring and a metal spring guide, an alloy barrel and leave that one like that… then get one of those upgrade kits and make a second one a real monster?

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My Gen nine has the following.
Nylon gearbox shell.
Full Metal 18.1 gears.
Metal tooth piston.
8 hole piston head and a double O’ring cylinder head with alloy nozzle.
1.3 unequal spring.
31000rpm Red chiahia motor.
11.1 volt Lipo battery.

And im still upgrading.