Motor height for gen 9 stock base plate

Does anyone know if the base plate on the gen 9 has to be changed to an adjustable one. Just did a full metal gars and gearbox upgrade but would it work with 460 upgraded motor in the stock handle and base plate ?

If you’ve changed the gears and motor then yes, I’d get an adjustable motor plate

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Okay cheers. Yeah I’ll have to seems almost everywhere is out of stock atm tho

You don’t need one, the motor pinion depth should not be set with that screw anyway.
But you can get one here if you must for a 480


Ohh I see. It’s not a 480 just yet running a chaihai red 460 so I won’t need the base plate then ?

No, I move the pinion on the shaft to get it at the correct depth to the bevel and never touch the adjustment screws

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Ohh so just grub screw the pinion to the correct depth Instead ?.

Yes, I also use green 609 loc-tite on the shaft and put the pinion in the correct position and let it dry then I put the grub screw in and use blue loc-tite on it.
The green loc-tite will ensure the pinion will not move because those tiny grub screws are barely enough on their own.

This picture clearly shows the correct pinion position relative to the bevel gear(Pinion height)



Ahh I see. Yh I was a little late to seeing I didn’t need one and bought one anyway but I might change to a 480 in the future so still worth having but I may do that on my other stock blaster thanks.