Motor questions

Any obvious problems with running this motor with leviathan mosfet, 11.1v battery, 18:1 metal shs gears and m90 spring? Anything else motor wise you would recommend to keep highish torque and good speed? Thanks guys!

that mosfet is well spec’d to cope with that configuration.

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Awesome thankyou! Does anyone know if it will fit nicely into hk416d handle or will i need to replace it?

whilst i can’t say from first hand experience if the motor in it presently is a 480 then yes, it will fit

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Just a question @zeHamish how do i tell if a grip takes 480 or 460 long motors? Not many shops seem to put that in the details

Would this motor have any trouble pulling a m100 spring instead of the m90? :thinking:

If your planning on running that motor on 3s 11.1v Lipo and an m100 spring, I suggest you get big batteries. This motor is power hungry.
You will also need very good wiring and connectors to take it.


A much more sensible motor is this one.