Motor recommendation for gen9 and ACR?

looking for something high torque, low rpm, hopefully low current draw,
something suitable for continuous single shot all afternoon, with a little bit of full auto every now and then, and not over heat anything if possible :sweat_smile:

also need to be able to pull 18:1 metal gears + M90 spring (acr),
and be nylon gears (gen9) friendly :sweat_smile:

does such motor exist O_O??


The Red CHGBB motor on 2s 8.4v Lipo is exactly what you want and if you use this Lipo you won’t even need to change the battery once


As I’ve found, that’s the way @icarus1314


u mean this one O_O??

oh it use neo O_o nice
but i thought gen9/10 uses 460 size motor?

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470 is the same as 460 just the Chinese marketing making it sound better


So what is a 480 in comparison to 460/470s ?

And while Im asking , the s460 , is that for 13:1 setups etc not so much 18:1 ?
I was only interested in these as they look bloody cool and are quite pricey so assumed were good but from what i read they’re for high speed setups , not what Im doing.

I ended uo going with the blue hai chi which I read is 2 or 3x torque than standard motor.

Also the motors ive looked at mostly say 11.1v. any problems doing that , or just running a 7.4v?


480 is slightly longer.
I would reccomend it for 18:1 setups


I started to think 480 were the long shaft ones , bit then i seen a 480 short.

Havent really found somewhere to compare or read up on the different colour chi hais etc

The info here was for @icarus1314
Not for your situation

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High torque 460 long shaft motors are common.

Get an 11.1v motor, the ACR will handle it easily.

A high torque motor still has to get the energy from somewhere. The motor draws what it needs but only from what is available. Low voltage ones don’t last long before stalling at the top of the compression cycle.

As always, don’t trust the claimed specs. You get what you pay for.


I would call this motor a balanced motor.
A balance of speed and torque .
It’s good on 8.4 or 11.1v on 18:1 ratios


BS I use these motors everyday so I think I know them very well, they run beautifully on 2s 8.4v on 18:1 and have very low current draw !


Could you kindly provide me a link for this great sounding motor? Cheers :slight_smile:

What motor are you looking for ?
Long or short, 460 or 480 ?


480 Long shaft for 18:1 metal gears paired to a 8.4v turnigy sir


Ah great, thank you