Motor recommendations

Could anyone steer me in the right direction with brand or what brand to avoid.
I have a well M401 with the grey motor , I have changed receiver to the full metal version , replaced cylinder s/s,100% ,
Alloy head & nozzle and ausgel 1.18 unequal spring and t-piece , I do have an ausgel 400mm blue 7.3mm barrel which will eventually go on.
I snapped a tooth on the motor gear but I think I will keep it for a spare and replace the motor . It’s a bit sluggish on the 7.4 battery so I normally run the 11v .
I was thinking hi torque but not sure.
Any input would be appreciated before I jump in :wink:

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Really great post mate !
I like your measured approach.
What battery would you prefer to run and what sort of rate of fire are you looking for ?

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Rof with the 7.4 is ok , I don’t know what the rof actually is . Would like to up it to a bit similar to the MRT . The guy in the shop was firing just the STD off shelf one and I noticed it was a bit quicker than mine .
When I go to 11v gels are dropping out the end of barrel and going all over . It just seems a bit to much rof with 11v but not enought with the 7.4

I probably have to invest in some decent battery too, I just have the original one that came with it and a Chinese 11v .
I was thinking maybe a turnigy brand or ausgel brand

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I run the M150 motor on 7.4v and 11.1v.
On 7.4v it will still be a bit faster than the stock motor was on 11.1v .
A good battery is a must and both the Turnigy 25-50c and the Ausgel batteries are very good.