Motor size, and M springs = .=?

i remember reading about like 480 / 460 motor ect…
is that like the total length of the motor from the ass end to the pinion gear ?
so what size is suitable for acr j10?
and what is the motor speed of the stock motor? about 10000-15000ish at no load?

as with the “460/480” figure,
ebay seems to have them writing in either the title of the item on in listing description,
but on aliexpress they don’t always mention that set of number
for example:

i am currently making a shopping list on aliexpress since they have everything i need,
at a much cheaper price too, all i am missing on it is a suitable torque motor :smiley:
though they are mostly likely cheap copies of SHS (chinese copying chinese made product lol)
and shipping time is over a month… :sweat_smile:
every dollar i save means i can add more parts to it,
or have some money left for replacement if the cheap parts break down in the near future

also in that link (as well as many other motor listing) it mentioned “M90-M170 Power Spring”
from what i understand, they are springs used mainly for air-soft?
something about them being more consistence, so i would guess i can use them in my ACR as well?
if so what’s an ideal mode/rating to use that’s equivalent to like 1.2mm - 1.3mm spring O_o?

I believe an M90 spring is similar to a 1.3mm spring.

M rating is Metres per second.

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The numbers on a motor such as 480 are codes to give the specs. but these codes were from the original Mabuchi manufacturer and are code numbers not directly related to a mm size.
The 4 is the dia.
The 8 is the length
The 0 is the number of poles


The ACR uses a 460 motor so you need to be careful when ordering motors because almost all A/S motors are 480 size.
As for springs there are also as many crap brand A/S spings as there are in GB springs.
I suggest getting the Ausgel unequal springs as they are very good.
And for barrels you can’t go past the S/S 7.3mm id mirror bore ones from CHGBB and don’t forget to order a new t piece.

Have you had a look here, CHGBB has good products and excellent service.

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Worthwhile investment as it opens up ALOT of motors you can use.
I went the other route and cut my 460 mount down. both methods work

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Thank u once again sir :smiley:
Also can u tell me what rpm does the stock motor function at o.o??

What is the benifit of running 480 motor compare to smaller 460?
More coil lenght for more rpm?

Nothing except you can get 480 motors easier in more variety.
But it will be lost if you use a 3d printed motor base plate , not for me sorry

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And at $24 it’s almost as expensive as this fantastic motor :frowning:

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So this motor would have the torque and speed?
I read that high torque motor makes trigger response more crisp, more instant,
Does this motor have that feature?
If it does I will just getit and pair it with like 32:1 gear to maintain lower rof o.O

It is a balanced motor, much more speed and torque that the stock motor.
That gear ratio will be very slow rof ?
Which is perfectly fine if that is what your after ?

When you read the trigger response article you need to look at it in context…
With fast ratio gearing a very high torque motor will give a much faster trigger response because it now has enough torque to get the gears moving quickly instead of being overloaded trying to pull that high ratio with a lower torque motor.
If you use a very high torque motor with such a low ratio gear set you will have a slug :rofl:

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Duely noted sir
In that case I will just stick with 18:1 and change it out if need be

can these ones work with a 480?

are they the metal replacement ones for acr O_O?
where did u find that centre round piece??

It’s the adjustment screw that comes with the metal base

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