Motor Specs / Size

Do any you old codgers know what size motor the Hk takes? ts just that little bit different size to every other motor I’ ve got. I might be jumping the gun here because I havent tested it with just a lipo and heavy spring upgrade yet. Will today…

I’ve tested with an 11v Lipo and it will sometimes over spin the gear box to fire multiple shots in semi or lock the gearbox up then I need to switch mode to rapid to unlock it. If you only use auto then you will be fine, but I only use semi pretty much so it doesn’t suit me.

I just use a 2 cell exclusively now. I won’t be upgrading this gun as it’s my faultless reliable backup gun in case my others fail on me.

Motor is a 480.

Thanks @Rokz yeah ive had the same issues which is to be expected running an 11.1v, Im going to chuck this spare Fight BRo 3.0 box in with… maybe 100:200s gears, ans try a few diferent springs since it so easy to and quick to change them with the split shell. 480 hey, well ill see what the stock motor can pull with a good Lipo. Thanks mate.

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