Motor terminals

Hi where to buy them wire motor terminals? Bunnings ones are too big.

I got my last bag from jaycar

Possible have a photo of what to look for champ

Wrong size but if you take your motor in…

I think you’re looking for 3mm

Awesome and they had some 3mm?

I recall getting them from there

Not all gaycar have everything

Of course with my memory…I could just as easily got them from haymans or some other mob

But knowing what you want is half the battle

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If you can solder, I reckon it is best to solder the wire to the motor… sometimes it is a nightmare getting the motor in and the little terminals not coming off … or having a dicky connection at the motor (just at the wrong time) head

I have found that the little crappy terminals that come on blasters are so weak and flimsy that they cant be made to hold on properly… the slightest knock can get them to come off… but the small speaker terminals or other terminals are too big and can’t be bent over easily to get them to work…

Solder if you can :+1:

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Or a spot of superglue to hold the spade terminals on for easy removal

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