Motor Tester - a simple rig

Probably been done but anyway…
Have the fancy stuff but I wanted a basic tester.
Seems to work.


How does this work o.o??

You can buy them on eBay just search for power meter

This is how they’re hooked up.

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If you get one of these you simply plug one end to your blaster connector and plug the other end to you battery connector :+1:

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Do u know if it holds memory for peak figure or only current statues while it’s running?

IDK but it says it measures peak ?
There are lots of different one available if you search

I find the constant more useful than the peak.
That peak is a spike that can vary depending on the piston position and is usually too brief to heat up the circuit.
I compare between motors by seeing the power they deliver on a continuous basis.

This is a favourite with techs.

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