MP5 Gorky shell + Gen 8 kit (Price Drop)

Now $200

Brand new mp5 gorky shell with Gen 8 kit. This is NOT the cheap jinming mp5 V2 shell, this is the full nylon Gorky mp5 shell.

Info on Gorky shell here:

All parts are new, never used.


mp5 gorky gel shell
Standard magazine
Drum magazine
Gorky shell gen8 t-piece and barrel
M110 spring
Nylon singularity “lucky to be you” gearbox shell
Metal knife trigger
Spring kit
Nylon motor housing
Chaihai Motor S460 with harder pinion gear (D type)
Cylinder stainless
Full metal ladder nylon piston and piston head
Silver wire kit
SHS 8mm bushings
SHS anti-reserve latch
Tappet plate
Double O ring piston head and nozzle (stainless)
Steel spring retainer

Only this missing is to complete blaster is gears. Recommend SHS 13:1.

You will need to be an experienced modder to assemble.

$200 plus shipping!



Hi mate, is this still available?
If so, where abouts are you

This is now SOLD