Mp5k done the best I can 😔

Well , I polished. Rails slide , nozzel area , ex ext , much soother . ,it’ll never be very accurate at 20 mts , even trying with various hop ups , better at 15 mts , I tried with 7.3 . , 7.4, 7.5 and 7.1 mm , it only liked the 7.4 mm barrel , 27 cm long , the 7.3 wasn’t any better other than increased FPS , Iam using the rizer v2 , it’s ok does its job , it likes ultras, yum , yum , hates AKAs , any one doing any better, let me know .

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Tried the longest barrel you can find?

For me i dont want anything longer than this for a barell just for how it makes it look.
This seems to be about the same as the stock barrel .

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Ok, ok , I’ll try a 400mm barrel and work my way down , some one out their , in gbb land must know some trick to get this baby kicking .

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So , I’ve ordered a 7.5 mm x 400mm barrel , and a 7.3 , x 4oomm , barrel , and see how it’s goes . A 35 mm long , 7.4 inner works so ,so at 15mts , any further it’s inconsistent, left , right , up and down., with a rizer any one doing any better out their , and how are you guys going with the purchased up graded mp5k,s , let’s hear it , cheers Fred

Straight OOTB mine was more accurate at 15 meteres than I expected. It’s a side arm. I’m not touching mine, other than adding a spitfire tracer. Which works really well on them BTW…

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As I’m choosing to retain the stock length barrel I’ll have to settle for the accuracy that length grants me.

Searching for a three lug mount for the front end I found this hop-up and mount combo. I’m not a fan of printed plastics for this area but have added it to the list for the two birds one stone aspect. Ideally looking for a 14ccw three lug mount constructed from metal without a threaded end cap and the only one I have so far found is a super expensive printed aluminum version.

I hope you’re taking notes with all these diameter and length combos you’re running, you’ll nail it with that lot, the prefect distance accuracy barrel has to be amongst it.

(Aliexpress HQ Industries Tri-Lug / Hop-Up combo)

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You right it is basically accurate at 15 mts , so I’ll model it to that distance, but in between that I’ll try ,different barrel lengths and inner barrel sizes it would be interesting to hear from the other mp5k owners how purchased the modified mp5ks with the barrels and short stroke, from command elite, ext ,ext .

Iam shore I saw this and other bits on ihobby web site .

Mine too, as a previous Wells G17 owner I wasn’t expecting even mediocre accuracy but for how I choose to wield it it’s fine, that’s shoulder width hits from 5 to 15, though others needs differ.

As a lifelong MP5K devotee I can confidently inform you, it aint no side arm, it may well have a P designation but that’s solely due to the blurry lines when it comes to SMG’s, PCC’s and SMP’s and their smudgy overlap. A two hand hold weapon may be carried as a secondary, it may even be retained in a side arm fashion, but the nuts of it is, it’s a, it’s a, well it’s not a side arm as such :boom:


, 25 cm barrel,7.4 -5 mm inner, rizer hop up, 15 mts distance, semi auto , Piss poor grouping ,ummmmm, auto , almost laser like , shooting straight which is a surprise , what a conundrum, what to do. ??? . I could could slow down the auto ROF , to a mp40 , ROF , back to it .

Ive now changed back to the original barrel and its basically the same accuracy on full auto . Semi (burst for me sometimes lol) seems to throw some of the accuracy .

Pic for confusion

Couldnt get the barrel to sit tight anyway with the adapter cause of the ol tighten one loosen the other effect

I understand, I’ve tried every barrel size and and length. All types of gels , hopups , WTF. It doesn’t get any better , have snapped off x 2 nozzel metal guide lugs , WELL,S COMPANY COME OUT OF HIDING, AND BUSINESS HOW SELL THEM WHERE ARE THE PARTS TO. REPAIR AND REPLACE , HONG KONG SELLS THE PARTS AND ENVIK DOES TOO. enough ranting , let’s hear from other mp5k owners and their story’s.

i bought mine just because i liked the look of it. but as ive since found out it basically is a side arm so trying to get anything over 15m is a bit pointless. ive set mine up for cqb duties along with my trusty glock :slight_smile: so the only mod ive really done is extend the barrel to the end of the suppressor the other stuff is just superficial. ( red dot and rail x power alloy buffer tube nylon stock and a QD sling point ) ive only shot in in the back yard so far and its reasonably accurate up to around the stated 15 meters i tried with and without a hop up with no noticeable difference between with and without so i went without !! looking forward to getting it to a game will update post when that happens mp5k 3


Me too , I’ve gone back to original barrel, suppressor

So just to be clear, your “Mp5k done the best I can” thread is now just the Blaster in the out of the box stock form, hmm, interesting :grin:


Yep , but not to give up just yet , have spoke to a tech at azraels armoury, about the tab guides snapping off , he has heard of multiple mp5k,s , guides breaking off , do you have any imput or ideas of improving the mp5k.

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I’m just [email protected]#king with ya Fred :grin:

By ‘tab guides’ are you referring to the Magazine feed lips? which I think you are, mine are all good but I did see / hear reports of earlier versions having problems, especially if dry firing or letting the follower spring back unassisted.

Like the Piano teacher who is only one lesson ahead of her student I kick back and await your trials and errors before advancing.

I searched for every Tri-Lug Mount I could find on the net, real, gel, a/s, all of them, none suited exactly what I’m after so I’m purchasing this Thread Protector (in black) today from Tiger111 for now and then hunt down a 3 Lug Mount and Suppressor combo later, if I go the Stock route, if not, that’ll be it.

I hope you get what you order from tiger 11 , I’ve been aon the wait list for a month for mp5k parts , WTF , APPARENTLY THEY ARE OUT OF STOCK. What I can figure out is that, the bits that fail, have a look . You purchase the part then , oops sorry we, are out of stock , thanks for your purchase, hahahahaha.

This will be my first tiger111 order, thanks for the head up, I just threw it in the cart and it added it but I’ll see when I check out. I always sort through each and every part when ordering to double check there’s not anything else I can add but I see it’s gonna take me a while with this site, tons of parts coupled with a not too flash site interface, I’ve settled myself in. The Thread Protector above is $11.75 AUD delivered, pretty good.