MP7 help needed for noob

Hi all. New to gel blaster community and addicted already. Have a few mates onboard also.
In Vic so it’s a bit dodgy whether we get in trouble or not but see how it goes. Got a couple cop mates that enjoyed the battle but advised be careful where and when I use them.
Have MP7 gen3 and a GLK blaster.
I’m pretty handy with repairing stuff as a tradie.
I’ve got issues with the MP7 tho. 2 of the 3 I have bought just started misfiring and losing any power when they do fire.
I pulled one apart and it has a broken spring /clip. I’m not sure what it does but I think it kept piston inline somehow as the pistol seemed to move around once the blaster was misfiring.
My questions are
1 am I using it wrong?
2 can anyone tell me where to get upgrades or replacements as the supplier can’t or won’t help me. (Tactoys)
Appreciate any help and hope to get to know the guys on here more.

Looks like it may be the AR latch spring

Chgbbs, zhendou

There are plenty of good local suppliers also

M4a1, GBA, X-force tactical

I hear good things about Monkee mods

Tons of others. There’s a forum thread on good suppliers here also

Thanks buddy. Legend.
Do you know what does the part do?

On your bevel gear there are some chamfers

The anti return latch, AR latch catches on these chamfers so that the main piston spring can’t push the gearing in reverse

This lets you do precocking (programmable get needed) and reduces the load on the motor during operation

It is important to note that if you reverse the polarity on you motor or battery that this is the latch responsible for smoking your blaster or if you are extremely lucky…just shredding your box

I personally like super strong AR springs but I’ve found that soft,cheaper latches will wear down if the spring is too strong

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Just one of a bunch that make up this brains trust m8

Anyone know where to get a diagram of the mp7 components or am I dreaming?

? You want a build diagram or a parts list so you know what your looking for for ordering?

Yes mate. A diagram for Building MP7 gen 3. So I know terminology etc and part numbers.
Never carried out a mod or repair.
Have opportunity now that I have 2 MP7s in parts.

Check out low Guido on youtube. Not sure he has done a mp7… but you will see most of these are the same on the inside. He does tear down and rebuilds and explains whats what :+1::wink:

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Ill do that.
Appreciate it razzor


Very welcome mate :+1: ya only got ten on me and completely understand :thinking::sunglasses::wink:

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