MP7 MAG upgrade?

Has anyone managed to mod a drum mag for the MP7??
Just installed a barrel, sleeve and o ring. Installed a bigger 11.1v battery. This thing is sweet. Average fps of 250 to 260 but not enough capacity in the mags.

Seeing a serious lack of replies has made me commence a drum mag mod…stay tuned!


What 11v battery did you use?

A little late to the topic, I know. But the master himself @LowGuido has adapted drum mags to fit blasters that never came with them, he has shown how to do it in one of his video’s, check his channel out on youtube.


Already have and modded the mp5 to fit :metal:

Mine came with 11.1v. I now use the 11.1v that suit ACR. Fires pretty well.

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