MP7 only fires 2-3 meters

Hi folks, yesterday during an event my Daughters MP7 seems to have developed a problem where it can only fire 2-3 meters (luckily happened in the last game of the day) I doubt its related but I had just changed the battery right before the match, but was still running the same type of 7.4v just the one out of my UMP.

the MP7 still fires & there is no unusual noise or anything (no grinding from the gearbox) the gels only travel about 1-2 meters though, I was thinking maybe the return spring has snapped ? i cannot hear anything rattling around loose though. Got home quite late so I have not tried pulling it apart yet.

Any other theories on what might be wrong ?

your o ring is probably on the way out

It would most likely be the tappet return spring


It can only be a dead O ring, a massive air leak between the nozzle and T piece or massively undersize or oversize gels…

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If you look through the magwell into the T piece when firing you should see if the nozzle is working properly if not it would be the return spring

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It could be one of many things the only way is to pull it down and look :wink:
Broken tappet spring
Broken or loose nozzle rubber tip
Piston o ring
Broken tappet plate
Broken t piece
Broken or loose piston head