MPX does anyone know how to remove the buttstock

Finding it hard on where to remove the buttstock

Haha, this was me a few weeks ago. I actually never removed it but @Maystro has the tear down knowledge.

What are you wanting to do?


I want to change the spring to a m110 thanks

You can change the spring without removing the stock, just need a hex key the right size.
Think it’s 7mm

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Ok thanks ill give it a try

If for future reference and you do want to remove the butt stock to make things easier you just have to get a small screw driver or punch and insert it in one of the 6 small holes in the barrel nut inside the battery compartment and tap it with a small hammer anti clock wise.


Sweet so the whole barrel nut is like twisted in? Ill give it a go as well - handy when i want to try different springs or a different buttstock.

Yeah i managed to change it but a bit fiddly but stil did the job. Thanks

Great !
It’s real easy with the right hex key.
I can remove and install a new spring in 21seconds in the MPX :v:

Yes i installed an m110 but wont go any higher pretty good blaster

Nice , I am estimating an M110 is approx. Equal to a 1.4mm so I would expect around 380 to 400fps :star_struck:
That’s with a good barrel obviously :wink:

I had 360fps average with the original spring i think m100 with the 35cm alloy barrel

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The original is 1.3mm .
An M110 = 110m/sec which is 360fps
So you did very well from the stock spring
Although it is similar to what I get because those pics show a bit inconsistent fps

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I epoxied the barrel in the t-piece and also applied some along the joints

You always need to epoxy the barrel into the t piece but there is no need to seal the seams on the t piece as they do nothing

Thanks yes removed it and tried a few different springs

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That’s good , just be careful when you reinstall the nut, make sure you don’t crush the wires :+1:


Has anyone swapped the factory stock out for a buffer tube style stock? If so, was it a straight drop in or not?

Yes just need to re-route cable

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