MPX mod ok this is it no more changes

Tried a 35cm inner barrel with longer handguard and a different buttstock however i finally went back to CQB with just a 14cm and 35cm inner barrel. 14cm so i can attach any hopups securely. Will find a way to install the Titan 2600mA battery. Here is some picks!
Used light slr outer barrel ccw if i swap to the 35cm inner barrel

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Looks like your having some fun customizing your toy :+1:

I did a similar thing to my mpx , 330mm barrel and 10" handguard.


Yours look cool too - yeah i think iam done with the options, got a game this Sunday so will try a few hop-ups and the 35cm barrel also just received the Titan 2600mA batt so will give it a go. Its quiet long.

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