MPX with some Gold Bruisemaster lovin

Ok just for kicks and giggles again I put a gold Bruisemaster 330 mm barrel to compare with the stock stainless 130 mm. Also the test with the gold barrel had the blow back function enabled.
I know this ■■■ is a CQB so no one is going to have a 330 mm barrel but with my change of silencer it gives me room to have an extra 90 mm of gold good thing or possibly 45 mm with a Rizer hop up fully concealed.
Well any way an extra 80 fps is the end result, not to shabby.

BTW I see the MPX is sold out…must be some CQB battles coming up :grinning:


Your right there @The_marksman. I got a better seal just using a standard Gen9 t-piece and inserting a gold Bruisemaster barrel with no glue or anything.
I think the problem lies in the stock MPX t-piece because they use grub screws to secure it to a nice stainless steel barrel. Problem is those t-pieces are obliviously manufactured in two halves and glued together like the normal Gen9 t-piece but when you have 2 grub screws holding this onto the barrel instead of some kind of glue/sealant, the screws push against the barrel opening up the manufactures joint.

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It’s a pretty good stock barrel in the MPX even with rubber grommets.

Just doing some measuring… anyone measured the nozzle length yet?
The depth of the T piece seal is 25.5mm

Its a custom supper long 8mm Gen9 version I guess because of that spacer? Not sure of the exact length but seems to work.
I was more concerned how that spacer just free floats on the front of the gearbox and is not counter sunk like the FB t-piece is on a APS conversion.

I ran out of time.tonight but would like to measure it all up. I was wondering if this box accomdated the 14.75mm diameter the gen 9 t piece needed. I wonder if it’s worth going the MK 92 box or just changing over to the wells head, nozzle and FB T.

You probably know but yeah I am running the Wells, FB t-piece combo in my custom APS project and am getting really high consistent numbers. I think the Chainsaw combo is comparable if we just fix a couple of little compression issues.
That is one thing I always wanted to know @BigWeetBix is if the 6mm or 8mm nozzle setup is superior?

I know @LowGuido has a theory that the 8mm is superior. I was going to swap over the APS internals to an MK V2. I just read the specs on the MK 92 box, its a hybrid v2 and will fit the 14.75mm t piece.

What is this 14.75 t piece you talk of, some mythical 3d printed item?

Or are you talking about tappet plate stroke needed for 7 mm gel balls?

Diameter of the hole the t piece sits in. This is why we have that little sleeve on the end of the Gen T in the MPX as the APS box doesn’t fit in the z hole.

Ahh now we are on the same page.
Yeah the diameter of the Gen9 t-piece is too big to be countersunk into the APS gearbox and even if you open up the diameter of the gearbox, the Gen9 t-piece is too short because of the bump on the gearbox casing, that’s why Chainsaw has installed that nylon spacer between the box and t-piece.
Even using the FB t-piece you have to open up the hole on the box by a beez dick just with a small file.
Isn’t the MK box using the FB t-piece?

Was thinking of the Hybrid 92 Box that was just announced.

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Keep me posted mate, very interested.