Mpx wont stop firing and sometimes no semi

Has anyone had the same issue where the mpx just keeps firing and wont stop? And the semi does not work - i Dont want to open the gearbox but i suspect the select fire

I had issues with both my MPX and Titan ,
I replaced the electrics with Perun v2’s.
Have a look at this thread , it may help you.

Thanks ill check it out

If i just spent $600 bucks on a custom metal blaster I would be pissed off. Maybe you should contact Brent first before you strip it down and void your warranty? Especially now this fault has been broadcast in an open forum. It should be Azraels Armoury problem not yours?


All good the warranty expired a long time back ive just started using it to play on the field - next game this Sunday so will give it a good test at home - prior. Its a pretty good blaster - ive got a levithian mosfet but will leave it as is and try and install the warfet i have as ive seen someone use that in this forum

To msf_titifanua,take the top of the g 18 that holds the barrel/springs and look to see if the gears are showing and if they are turn on and of until there are no gears showing then replace top section and you’re good to go.that will stop it foreign constantly. Regards Kram

What I’m lost, what have I missed???

You snooze you lose :rofl:

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