MpxBlowback installation on v2 mk gearbox

Im sure @BigWeetBix can answer but id like to install the bolt plate back into my mpx, how would i go about installing the original one onto the mk v2 gearbox?

You need get the Electric Blow Back Recoil Plate it’s a little longer then the one it comes with and has hooks on the end

Sort didn’t see that your putting it in the mi v2 my bad

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Hi Guys!
Im new to this forum, I have an azreal mpx and I just wanted to know what gearbox should I go with. MK V2 or Hybrid 92?
I looked at the retroarms gearbox also, but leaning towards the Aussie made MK gearbox.

parts I currently have waiting for the build:
-13:1 shs gears
-shs lightweight piston
-cnc piston head
-100% stainless cylinder
-brown oring (also have lots of greens from my old gen 8s)
-m140 spring
-retroarms low profile bushes
-satan motor
-bruisemaster barrel
-Jefftron leviathan v2
-11.1v 45c constant lipo

Im told the v2 is the one to use, i used a hybrid 92, took abit of work but i got it in and running nicely, just no bolt plate or charge handle funtion

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@Sam_D so the charge handle and blowback plate don’t fit or just don’t operate as the stock blaster did?
do you know if the gen 9 t-piece is able to be used, or do I have to go with wells gear?

The bolt doesnt fit the mk gearbox, if you compare the aps shell to the mk youll notice there are grooves where the bolt sits and moves in, without it the bolt has no way of retaining it position and basically comes out if you stock is far enough back, i have been meaning to have a go at modding the mk box to install the bokt but i havnt got to it yet, as for the t piece i stuck with the aps t piece because of the way the outer barrel keeps it in position

I just got an email back from MK. They have told me that h92 is what they recommend for the mpx due to it fitting the gene 9 t-piece.
Has anyone tried to fit the MK V2 box in the mpx? Or should I just not worry about it and just go for the H92?

You can use either, the v2 will need to use the Well cylinder, Well metal head/nozzle, Well tappet and different t piece such as the FB metal t piece set but it holds the outer barrel differently or you could use a Wells or LDT t piece.

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