MRT upgrades pretty much done

Dropped past M4A1 today to pick up some gels, they had the wells alloy heads & o ring nozzles back in stock, grabbed one & an shs sector delay chip.
Fitted tonight - they were the last bits I needed to get the gearbox where I wanted it.
Had a look over everything, cleaned & re lubed, all looking good, no signs of duress.

It’s now:
Stock wells nylon case
100% cylinder
Alloy piston head, metal ladder piston
Cast metal gears
Shs sector delay
Alloy head & nozzle
Stronger pushrod spring
Ausgel 1.28 spring
Green o ring
31000rpm motor

The rest is:
Ausgel tight bore barrel at 37cm
Warinterest hop up
11.1v battery

Hits hard, is pretty accurate out to 30m & has a lot of range.
Haven’t chrono’d it, but hitting considerably harder than when it was doing 290fs, I’d guestimate a solid 330+fs.
Hurts like a SOB.


330 out of a 1.28 would be not bad at all. Did it need all that Teflon tape to seal the head? Those cnc ones are normally pretty good for it just with silicone oil.

Using a smaller diameter tappet spring might help the nozzle return faster if its rubbing on the tappet/box. Looks like it might be in the photo anyway.
Those shape of delay chips are designed to face the other way if i’m not mistaken.

Keep up the good work :+1:

delay chip is on properly.

SHS logo facing out generally. The notch at the back lets the bottom tip of the tappet return slightly sooner if its short enough. Not a big difference though.

Yes the shs have the logo there but i based my comment on testing delay chips both ways not on one product picture. Plus he has a 37cm inner barrel and running the delay chip that way around leaves the nozzle closed a little longer and improves fps consistency shot to shot.

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